107.01 Organization and Meeting of the Board of Trustees

  1. After each election of members, the Board will meet within 28 days after the consolidated election in April to certify the election results, re-organize, and elect a Chair, Vice Chair, and a Secretary. Other re-organizational activities such as the following shall also be completed:
  2. Appoint the Treasurer.
  3. Appoint the attorney for the district.
  4. Designate the bank depositories.
  5. Designate regular monthly dates for Board meetings.
  6. Pass a resolution to reconfirm existing policies and regulations.
  7. The Board shall meet at the College in regular session on the fourth Monday of each calendar month except when changes are announced in advance. Meetings will be scheduled for 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise announced in advance.



  • 03-23-1981
  • 07-27-1981
  • 10-24-1983
  • 08-27-1984
  • 01-22-1990
  • 10-25-2004
  • 09-25-2023