Sauk Valley Community College

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Campus Maps

Campus Maps

Room Numbers

Room numbers contain three parts--

(Range: B, 1-3)
(Range: A-M)
Letters go from west (toward Sterling) to east (toward Dixon)
Even-numbered rooms are on the south (river) side, and odd-numbered rooms are on the north (Route 2) side.
Some listings may include a number that starts with 0, while others may not. 1M01 is the same as 1M1


1M01 (Jerry Mathis Theatre)
1 = first floor
M = east end of the building
01 (or 1) = north (Route 2) side of building
2C3B (The Write Place)
2 = second floor
C = toward west (Sterling) end of the building
3B = north (Route 2) side of building
3M6 (Learning Assistance Center)
3 = third floor
M = east (Dixon) end of the building
06 (or 6) = south (river) side of building