Midterm Internet Resources--HUM 210

Good for background on all eras--

Best of History Web Sites -- Award winning site--look for the Art History link on the left.

Mother of All Art and Art History Links Page

NM's Creative Impulse The place to start for any era. Links to various eras are toward the bottom og the page.

The following links are specific to a particular era. They show you what kind of information is available for specific eras.
Middle Ages
Exhibits Collection -- The Middle Ages GREAT SITE! What it was like to live in the Middle Ages
 The Age of King Charles V
The Decameron Web
Middle Ages Resources 
WebMuseum: Les très riches heures 
du Duc de Berry
(considered late Gothic)
The British Monarchy
EAWC: Medieval Europ

Courtly Love (general note).

Hanly's Medieval Drama Home Page

ILTweb Digital Dante

Muslim Scientists and Islamic Civilization

16-17th C. England/France

Restoration (Miramax Films) 
(Believe it or not, this website 
for the film is a great place to start.
 The British Monarchy

Le Poulet Gauche

Eighteenth-Century Studies

19th C. England

The Victorian Web Overview
The New Child: British Art and the Origins of Modern Childhood
Victoria Research Web
Penny Magazine Online Home Page

Glossary of Art Terms |

EDUNet's Timemachine - Home Page

British History:

The Use of Visual Information in Art

Carol Gerton's Virtual Art Site


 Renaissance  The Link page to start with 
Learning About Leonardo 
All Learn--Renaissance
Renaissance: 1450-1500
Erasmus Text Project
The Art of Renaissance Science Table of Contents 
Plague and Public Health in 
Renaissance Europe
The History of Printing

Shakespeare and the Globe

 Leonardo Home Page

 Martin Luther (1483-1546) Excellent site with stuff on social, political, economic, etc. impact

 The Measurers Great site!!

20th C.

The Modern World   1900 -1945

An Outline of American History

Art Crimes:The Writing on the Wall

Santero and Woodcraft

VirtualGallery of Japanese contemporary art

Library of Congress Online Exhibits

Modernism Resources

Lectures on Twentieth Century Europe

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