For two sites that have almost every link 
possible for each era be sure to try--


NM's Creative Impulse 


Le Poulet Gauche

Jan Van Eyck

Medieval and Renaissance Wedding Information Page

 Medieval Technology Pages - Timeline

 Links Related to Chaucer and Medieval Studies

Renaissance Resources

 Artists of the Italian Renaissance



 The Galileo Project, Homepage

 Shakespeare and the Globe

Shakespeare Theme Page 

CGFA- Hans Holbein the Younger

Leonardo Home Page

Learning About Leonardo 

Martin Luther (1483-1546)   Excellent site with stuff on social, political, etc.

 The Reformation

 Le Poulet Gauche Complete site on 16th century France-- clothing, money, games, etc.

 The European Voyages of Exploration: 1415-1650

The Columbus Letter

 Chronology of Scientific Developments

 The Measurers A "reading" of the painting "The Measurers" with background on instruments portrayed in painting.

 on-line exhibitions

Timeline of the Protestant Reformation

 Introduction to Virtual Renaissance

Biography Georges deLa Tour

 Elizabethan Costuming Page 

 Renaissance Theme 

 The age of enlightenment


New Deal--20th Century US


New Deal Network

 Exhibit: A New Deal for the Arts

New Deal Cultural Programs

america during the depression ; committed artist during the depression

 Shockwave American Century 

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