HUM 211


The Agora is where we will hold "class discussions," so to speak. For each unit, there is a question or topic for you to respond to in the Discussions section of the WebCT.

There are eleven actual Agora topics--one for saying hello to everyone (which does not get any points--its there just for fun) and 10 unit-related Agora assignments (two each for Units 1-5).

Each Agora assignment is worth 10pts., regardless of how any postings you are asked to make. You must make all the required postings per topic, which includes your response to at least one or two other persons (depending on the assignment)for each topic, in order to get the 10 points.

IMPORTANT--At the end of the semester, in order to receive your Agora (discussion) points, you will need to write up a one or two paragraph response on your experience in the Agora and with your fellow students. This paper will be sent in via the "Agora Points" assignment on the WebCT Assignments page.

Please do not send in your Agora Assignment Paper until after you have submitted all other work.

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