HUM 211
How To's and Tips

Agora Postings (How to get full points)

  • FROM the WebCT homepage, click on Discussions. This is our Agora, that is, the place where we talk to one another. Start out by saying hi to everyone (in the Hi's, Howdy's, and Hey's topic). Make your first posting about yourself--where you're from, what's your major, what are you're future plans, and so on. Then make sure you read everyone else's first posting so that you begin to get an idea of who your classmates are.
  • For every Agora assignment, you must make the correct number of postings to fulfill  the assignment (this will usually be one or two. maybe three). Then you must make at least one more posting responding to other classmates' postings. Full points will go to those who pose questions which probe someone else's posting or who add information or insight to someone else's response.
  • You must have done all Agora assignments for the appropriate Units before you start on your papers--that is, do the Agora assignments for Units 1, 2 and 3 before doing Paper 1, etc. 
Quizzes (How to get a good grade)
  • Even though, technically, Internet quizzes are open book quizzes, many people don't take the time to prepare. It seems that they figure that since the quiz is only 10 points, why bother. However, do keep in mind that every letter grade is worth 45 points and doing badly on the quizzes can guarantee that you get a lower grade. On the other hand, doing well on the quizzes is like getting your grade bumped up one letter grade. 
  • You cannot take the quiz more than once. BUT--you can go and read the questions over and then leave without turning the link off. As long as you do not answer any of the questions or click on submit, you can visit the quiz as many times as you like.
  • Make sure that you click on the submit buttons for each answer as well as the final submit button. Although you may have answered every question, if you don't hit the individual submit buttons, the quiz grade won't go through. If this happens to you, let me know and I can finish the grading from my end.
Writing exercises and assignments (How to get a good grade)

The writing exercises and assignments are extremely important for several reasons. 

  • First, they give you a chance to practice the skills you will need for writing the papers. 
  • Second, they will give you an insight into how well you can expect to do on the papers. If you consistently get low points on the exercises and assignments, you will probably get low points on the papers. 
  • Finally, the writing exercises are worth 120 points, which is the equivalent of three letter grades. Consistently getting fewer points on the exercises/assignments not only will result in C papers but could also end up pulling your grade down to a D. Think about it.
  • The length of the writing assignments and exercises is not as important as the quality of the writing. However, I do require that the biweekly assignments be at least one and a half pages long, double spaced. They may be longer, of course.
  • These assignments(unless specifically instructed otherwise) should be free of errors--spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence construction, etc. So be sure to carefully proofread them before you send them in. Writing errors will cost you points.
Papers (How to get full points)
  • Papers must be formal with correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence construction, etc.
  • Papers must use internal citation and include a Works Cited, using the MLA style as explained in our textbook. No other styles will be accepted.  
  • This is important--Papers must be turned in as .rtf documents.
  • You must fill out and submit a Task Evaluation form before you begin work on each paper. These forms are found on the assignment page for each paper.

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