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This course is designed to both explore the arts in their cultural context and help students develop the writing skills needed to write about the Humanities/Arts. Through short quizzes and exercises, each student will identify or apply specific writing and research skills to the analysis of various works of art and/or large cultural events that had an impact on the Arts. Two longer papers will allow the student to demonstrate his or her mastery of these skills as well as become familiar with his or her chosen topics in depth. 

Goals of Class—-

There are four main objectives for this course-

  • to become familiar with representative examples of the Arts of the Western European tradition  
  • to come to understand the history of select large cultural events and how they have been represented by the Arts 
  • to master the style of writing most often applied to the Arts and Humanities
  • to become comfortable with expressing ideas through writing

Grades are based on four criteria-

  • 3 Quizzes worth 10pts. each 
  • 6 Bi-weekly writing assignments worth 20pts. each
  • 2 Papers-first worth 80pts; 2nd worth 120pts.
  • 10 Agora assignments worth 10pts. each
These scores total 425 points. The points convert to these grades--
        • A = 406-450 
        • B = 361-405 
        • C = 316-360 
        • D = 271-315 
        • F = 270 or below 

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Plagiarism and HUM 210

Using someone else's ideas or work as your own is a serious offense and can have serious consequences (like flunking!). But often students plagiarize without realizing it. Here's a neat, self-scoring quiz for you to take to see if you really know what is plagiarism (like paraphrasing without giving credit with an in-text citation) and what isn't (like paraphrasing and then giving credit with an in-text citation). Please take the quiz before starting the course.

Link:The Plagiarism Self Assessment


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