Lecture Notes- Unit 3

Part One

October 9th, 1894-- The question of literacy in art is such an idiocy! 
What the "advanced critics" in the epoch of naturalism most admired 
in the Grande Jatte was the woman on the right, walking with a young 
man and a monkey; they admired her "brazen air of a woman who can't 
be duped by anyone." Nowadays, the young Symbolists like the picture 
for the "stiffness of its figures whom one would say were descended from 
an Egyptian bas-relief or a fresco by Benozzo Gozzoli." None of the  
critics of 1886 or 1894 saw in it the superb, purely painterly qualities of  
poor Seurat. 
          (journal entry of Seurat's friend, Paul Signac)

The Grande Jatte is one of those great pictures in which every genera- 
tion finds the meaning best suited to it. 

                    John Russell

Cultural Practices

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