Sauk Valley Community College

Humanities 210

Agora Assignment Five



After reading the material on poetry, choose one of the shorter poems that captured your fancy from one of the sites listed on the Lecture Notes page. You will then share this poem with your classmates.

After highlighting the poem (just as you would in a word processing program like Word or Word Perfect), click on Edit and then choose Copy. This puts the poem in your "clipboard." Then go to the Agora on WebCT and after putting your cursor in a new posting box, go to Edit again but this time click on Paste. This will transfer the poem to your posting box.

Then add comments on what you thought of the poem and why you wanted to share it with your fellow Agorans. And, as always, respond to someone else's poem and what you thought of it.



Please use Google for your research. (Be sure to click WWW for searches beyond this site.)