Sauk Valley Community College

Humanities 210

Monday in the Park with George


For the past two years, the HUM 210 summer session classes have been using the knowledge they have constructed in the classroom (and library, and computer lab, and Internet) to create experiences for themselves, experiences which help them to break down the artificial boundaries our consumer culture has erected between the Arts and life as lived on an everyday scale.

One of the the aspects of culture the class looks at is that of public places, public spaces. The history of practices such as public art, landscape architecture, earth art, and any of the other ways we have of acknowledging community, is a perfect place to look for where art and everyday life intersect. From the earliest examples of communal art, such as Stonehenge, to modern day expressions such as the Viet Nam War Memorial, how we understand ourselves as members of a public are both expressed and formulated by those structures we choose to embrace, use, and honor.

The Summer of '96

During the 1996 summer session, the HUM 210 class went into Chicago to interact with two of the installations connected with the Sculpture Chicago program.











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