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Art and Artist sites

Sanford & A Lifetime of Color: Study Art This is a great site with info on elements of art as well as styles and artists. Be sure to check out the Timeline.

NM's Creative Impulse Good place to start

ART HISTORY WITH MICHELLI  Another excellent site

The Art History Research Centre

Welcome Page Web Gallery Of Art-- has neat viewer that lets you zoom in on paintings

Women Artists in History

Mark Harden's Artchive

The Art World

Thomas Tallis School: History of Art online

EDUNet's Timemachine - Home Page

History Timelines on the Web ... The History Beat

Sir Clisto Seversword's Tome of Adventure and Knowledge

A Walk Through Time

Ancient History

World History : HyperHistory

British History

Art Masterpiece Collection - Jim's Fine Art Collection

Louvre Museum Official Website

Social and Cultural Sites

On-line exhibitions of History of Science

Official Nobel Prize site

History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day

Scientific Revolution

Sensation': After All That Yelling, Time to Think  This site and the next two concern the hullaballoo over the exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art which Mayor Giuliani tried to shut down.

Sensation: Images from the Exhibition

Muse vs. the Mayor

Santa Monica, California Camera Obscura

Davis-Urban-TitlePage Beyond Blade Runner 

Vision: Every American appreciates, values and participates in the arts.

Sites on specific eras

Medieval/Gothic/Early Renaissance

Le Poulet Gauche

Links Related to Chaucer and Medieval Studies



The Galileo Project, Homepage

Shakespeare Theme Page

Learning About Leonardo

Martin Luther (1483-1546)    Excellent site with stuff on social, political, etc.

The Reformation

Le Poulet Gauche Complete site on 16th century France-- clothing, money, games, etc.

The European Voyages of Exploration: 1415-1650

The Columbus Letter

The Measurers A "reading" of the painting "The Measurers" with background on instruments portrayed in painting.

Biography Georges deLa Tour

Renaissance Theme

17th-18th centuries

The age of enlightenment

The Industrial Revolution

Colonial North America

19th century


Making of America

The Victorian Web

New Deal--20th century US

New Deal Network

Exhibit: A New Deal for the Arts

New Deal Cultural Programs

America during the Depression; committed artist during the depression



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