Sauk Valley Community College

Humanities 210

Unit One



Lecture Notes
"Four Ways of Looking at Pictures" as applied to The Education of the Virgin ; Perspective- Math and art together in Design Element 1; Checking out  Eyes On Art!

The visual arts are a cultural practice which gives us our most tangible connection with our prehistoric ancestors. They also give us a way of developing "visual literacy," a skill particularly necessary in this era of "images." So we need to understand the Arts as cultural practices and what that means to us. 

Agora Discussion (<=Click on "Agora Discussion" for complete instructions, then go to the Agora to submit assignment.) Go to the Eyes On Art! site  and do some exploring. 

Writing Assignment (<=Click on "Writing Assignment" for complete instructions, then go to WebCT to submit assignment.) After choosing three examples of Rennaisance paintings, identify their vanishing points. Click on "Writing Assignment" to find the paintings.

Quiz One ( go to WebCT to take quiz)
This will be over lectures, readings, and websites-- "Art and Culture: Who We Are;" "What Is Culture?" "Eyes on Art;" "Four Questions;" "Perspective;" and La Tour's The Education of the Virgin .



Please use Google for your research. (Be sure to click WWW for searches beyond this site.)