Sauk Valley Community College

Humanities 210

Unit Six


Lecture Notes
Many of the spaces and objects we come into contact on a daily basis are in fact considered art, but because we are surrounded by them we sometimes lose our sense of them as such. This lecture will look at some of these ubiquitous art forms. (Also contains a link to the Unit Six reading.)

Monday In the Park with George! A discussion of a real-life engagement with Public Art. (Can also be gotten to from the Unit Six lecture notes.) The actual reading is gotten to from the link "Public Art Meets the Public."

Agora Discussion
This posting will be a description of an example of public art from your home town.

Writing Assignment
After exploring some of the Columbian Exposition (Chicago World's Fair) websites, discuss the connections you make between the Fair and modern day public activities such as Disneyland or shopping malls.

Quiz Six
This quiz is based on infor from the lecture notes and the readings.



Please use Google for your research. (Be sure to click WWW for searches beyond this site.)