Sauk Valley Community College

Humanities 210

Unit Two



Lecture Notes 
By applying Heinrich Wolfflin's method of comparing the artwork of various eras to a study of three paintings, we will begin to understand the concept of style as well as begin to develop our hermeneutical eye. 

Wolfflin Test
This test is based on the Wolfflin method and is worth 40 points. It is on the WebCT.

"Hermeneutics (Herman Who)" is an introduction to the field of study called hermeneutics. The hermeneutical circle will be explained and applied to Wolflin's method. 

Agora Discussion
Comment on other ways you can think of to use the hermeneutical circle. 

Writing assignment
Choose two paintings (from the Webmuseum) that come from two different eras and point out which of the qualities (linearly/painterly, etc.) from Wolfflin's method apply to each one. 

Quiz Two
This quiz is based upon the article "Hermeneutics (Herman Who?)" 



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