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Humanities 210

Writing Assignments



There are two important things you need to do to send in the writing assignments-- 

Here is how to save your file as an .rtf file. 

NOTE--Your Midterm and Final papers especially need to be saved as .rtf so that any formatting you use will be saved.


Style(s) for Writing Assignments

All writing assignments will be done in a formal style. This means that you will pay attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and clarity and meaningfulness. If you are not sure what all this means, then you should check out the sites listed below. They are online writing centers with guidelines, examples, and tutorials to help students acquire the skills needed to produce formal academic papers. 

Formal writing also means that you give credit to the sources that you use when doing research (the Midterm and Final require you to do research).  This is a course in the humanities, therefore, we will be using the MLA style for our in-text citations and Works Cited page.


If you are not sure how to avoid plagiarizing (or why you should), or if you feel you need some brushing up, I strongly suggest you check these web sites out--

 Avoiding Plagiarism
from Indiana University
from Capital Community College   

Also check the sites listed below for guidance with the MLA style of citing sources.

Becoming a Better Writer

Another way of becoming a better writer is to read examples of good writing. Many of the sites you visit will have textual information which are good examples of formal writing. There are also links below to examples of formal writing which I find extremely good. Even though the Unit 1-3 and 5-7 assignments are shorter than the Midterm and Final, I still expect good writing and attention to detail.

The "writing" that you do over email and the Agora will be, of course, informal--that is, more prone to spelling and punctuation errors. This is OK. No one writes well under these circumstances so don't feel  pressured. In fact, no one writes well even when they first begin to put a formal paper together. The two best tips I can give you are--

Links to online writing labs (OWLS) (Remember, we are using MLA style.)
A Guide for Writing Research Papers 
Purdue Online Writing Lab
Dakota State University Online Writing Lab (OWL)
Research and Documentation Online--MLA

Here is an essay by Wayne Booth on what should be taught in school. It is a good example of a well written essay which still retains a sense of conversational tone-

Ten Commandments for those who fight about the core curricula

WWW www.svcc.edu/academics/classes/murrayk/1_1_2000/main.html

Please use Google for your research. (Be sure to click WWW for searches beyond this site.)