Sauk Valley Community College

Humanities 210

Writing Assignment Three



After referring back to Units 1 and 2, choose a painting that interests you and do  a hermeneutical circle on it and then comment on your discoveries.

First, take a piece of paper and cut out a square (making a square hole) that you can hold up to the screen in order to block out the rest of the painting. Making several of these is helpful because some details are bigger or smaller than others. Then choose a detail, look at it through the square hole in the paper and allow your imagination to think of it as a painting on its own. Then take the paper away and look at the whole painting. Note any differences in how you think about the painting. Next, choose another detail and repeat the process. In all, do this four times. Finally, notice how your "reading" of the painting changed after doing each of the four details.

As with the first assignment, be sure to include the title and painter for each painting. 

This piece of writing must be formal--that is, whole sentences, grammatically correct, and punctuated correctly. For more instructions on formal writing, check back to the Syllabus page



Please use Google for your research. (Be sure to click WWW for searches beyond this site.)