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"In order to make up our minds we must know how we feel about things; and to know how we feel about things we need the public images of sentiment that only ritual, myth, and art can provide."

Clifford Geertz.

imageThe link below will take you to an article on the connection between art and work (or any cultural activity, for that matter).

The Art of Work

The next link will take you to a webpage of paintings that portray mostly work but also leisure activities. These images go along with the article. This page takes a while to load so you might want to have something else to do for a couple of minutes or so. I usually put in a load of laundry.

The Work of Art

“Art and the equipment to grasp it are made in the same shop.”

This article and these images are to help you to think about our mondern day images of work whether they be from TV, movies, or advertisements or from the artworks that surround us as we go through our daily routines. I hope you enjoy!