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iconInstructor- KrisMurray

Office-- 1M16
815-288-5511 ext.258; murrayk@webmail.svcc.edu

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Humanities II
The Art of Work

Materials for class--
Robert Di Yanni Writing About the Humanities;
Stanley Applebaum The Chicago World's Fair of 1893: A Photographic Record;
Bolotin and Laing The World's Columbian Exposition: Chicago World's Fair of 1893
Bruce Bustard A New Deal for the Arts;
HUM 211 Course Pac;
Materials on HUM 211 website

Goals of Class—There are four main objectives for this course-

  • to become familiar with representative examples of the Arts of the Western European tradition
  • to come to understand the history of human work and leisure and how they have been represented by the Arts down through history
  • to master, to some degree, the style of thinking most often applied to studying the Art
  • to become comfortable with expressing ideas, whether in writing, oral presentation, visual presentation, etc.

Grades—Grades are based on these criteria-

  • Individual performance (tests, in-class activities, and papers)
  • Group Projects
  • Bibliographic activites
  • peer evaluation
  • attendance

Grades are based on points accumulated- there are 450 total points

  • In-class writing- 50 pts
  • Bibliographic exercises- 100 pts
  • Comparison paper - 25 pts
  • Van Gogh paper - 25 pts
  • World's Fair paper- 50 pts
  • New Deal paper-(Final paper) 100 pts
  • · Final Group Project- 50 pts
  • · Attendance- 50 pts

Grade Totals--

      • 405-450= A
      • 360-404= B
      • 315-359= C
      • 270-314= D
      • below 270= F