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Music in Our World: An Active Listening Approach White/Stuart/Aviva plus 2 companion CDs
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Music in Our World is an integrated approach to music from simple work songs to synthesizers, using a narrative text, 2 companion website, and 2 companion music CDs. No previous knowledge of music is needed. The core of the approach is active-listening and will focus on the uses and elements of music. It will use examples from around the world as well as the music that we are familiar from our everyday activities. 

At the end of this course, the student will be able to

  • Understand and use the vocabulary and technical terms related to music 
  • Be an active listener, able to hear and identify individual elements of pieces of music
  • Appreciate the various uses of music
  • Appreciate the music of other cultures
  • Research, collate, and present, in various formats, information on a topic related to the text 
Assessments--There will be 6 unit tests, 1 research paper, 1 concert attendance with response, and 1 final group project. 
Attendance-You will not be counted down for absences. However, here's the deal--if you miss classes, your grade will be lower because you will not do as well on tests and you will miss key information about assignments and group project work. BUT-keep reading. 
Make-up policy-Tests must be taken on the day listed in the syllabus with the following exception. IF you contact me before the test day and time, you will be allowed to take the test at the end of the next class period, so make arrangements to stay after class. IF you don't contact me, you may not make up the test. Because of the listening component for each test, makeups may not be taken in the LAC.

6 unit tests, 50 pts- total 300 points 
1 research paper, 50 pts--- total 50 points 
1 concert/ response, 30 pts-- total 30 points Final group project, 70 pts- total 70 points 

Total points-450 

405-450= A 
360-404= B 
315-359= C 
270-314= D 
below 270=F 

All tests and assignments must be completed and handed in when due in order to receive a grade. No papers or responses will be accepted after the due date (see below). 

Test 1 Take home due Jan. 28th
Test 2 Pt. 2- Feb. 6th 
Test 3 Pt. 3--Feb. 20th
Test 4 Pt. 4--March 6th
Test 5 Pt. 5--April 8th
Test 6 Take home due May 6th

Research Paper-- due April 1st 
Concert Paper-- anytime up to May 8th 
Final project-- Presented day designated for the Final for this class. 

Extra Credit: 
Extra credit is always welcome. You may turn in up to 2 short extra credit activities for 10pts. which will be added to a test grade. You may also do a longer extra credit activity for 20 pts. which will be added to either test or paper grades. Extra credit may include-longer research projects, an in-class performance, listening guides, film reports, or extra concerts. You may also design your own extra credit but you must clear the topic and activity with me. 

Concert Response Paper:
You must attend one concert during the semester and then hand in a response paper on that concert. Any concert is acceptable except pop concerts (this includes anything from country to rock to hip hop, etc.; in other words, anything that you would normally go to see on your own). There are several concerts at Sauk during the semester. There is also a concert series at NIU as well as one at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Dixon. Don't forget that there are also concerts at local schools and churches. All of these would satisfy this assignment. See the Concert Paper handout for more details. 

Check the link above and to the right for the SVCC Music Department Concert schedule for possible concerts to attend. Also, don't forget to check out what Student Activities has to offer. Don't forget that there are also concerts at local schools and churches . All of these would satisfy this assignment.

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Keep the objectives listed in the syllabus in mind as you make your way through the course. 

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SVCC Music Dept.
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