Suggestion--print off these instructions before registering for WebCT
In order to use WebCT, you must first create your own "myWebCT" page. When you create a "myWebCT,"  you will also be required to create a WebCT ID and password.  Each time you log in to myWebCT, you will enter your WebCT ID and password.

Note: You can obtain the URL for the Entry Page at the bottom of this page. 

Creating a "myWebCT" page

    1.From the WebCT Entry Page, click Create myWebCT. The Create myWebCT page
    2.Follow the on-screen instructions. You must complete every field marked with a
       Required asterisk. 
    3.IMPORTANT!!  Record your WebCT ID and password and store it in a safe place. 
    4.Click Continue.
           If the Logon to WebCT screen appears: 
              a.In the WebCT ID text box, enter your WebCT ID, and in the Password text
                 box, enter your password. 
              b.Click Log In. Your myWebCT appears. 
            If the Password window appears: 
              a.In the User Name text box, enter your WebCT ID, and in the Password
                 text box, enter your password. 
              b.Click OK. Your myWebCT appears. 

Adding a course that allows self-registration 

      1.From your myWebCT, click Add Course. The Course Listing screen appears,
       displaying all courses not currently listed in your myWebCT. 
      2. Scroll down and find the self-registration course you wish to add, and click the course
        name. The Add a Course to myWebCT screen appears. 
      3. Click Register. The Course Added screen appears, and the course has been added to
       your myWebCT. You can either 
            go to the course 
            add another course 
            return to myWebCT 
It is very important that you remember your logon and password because each time you create one, WebCT acts as if a new student has registered (I had one guy register 5 times which made it appear as if the class was over the student limit--what a mess.) So, for example, if you have already received a grade for something, that grade will be lost and you will have to redo the assignment(s) or retake the test(s). 

HOWEVER--if you do forget either your logon or password, let me know by email. I will have you go ahead and register again, and you will just have to redo the work for the missing grades. (It's happened before and it'll happen again, so don't panic.)

URL and link for WebCT

The URL for the main WebCT program is--
Or click on the logo below if you think you are ready to create your  "myWebCT" page--