A Note From Your Instructor, Kris Murray
After reading the items below, click on one of the icons to the left to go to your course. You will need to use the password I emailed you to enter the course. (If you do not have a password yet, email me. Be sure to tell me which course you are in.)

Each course is unique, but the following points apply to all three.

Motivation and Discipline

  • The courses may be worked on anytime, anywhere, 24/7. All assignments/quizzes have to be in by Wednesday, May 14th.

  • You alone are responsible for reading the course content and submitting tests/quizzes and assignments. No one will be checking up on you
  • You alone are responsible for keeping up with the discussion postings. Unless there is a problem, I do not intrude upon your "conversations.
  • Please email me if you have any problems- murrayk@webmail.svcc.edu. BUT--do not use the discussion boards (COW, WebCT) or WebCT mail to report a problem because I only check them once a week. For a timely answer, use the email address above (also found on the course homepages and the syllabus.)
  • The course is always more interesting if you engage the other students in conversation on the discussion boards. Don't just "say something" and then flee. Talk to someone.
  • Quiz/test grades are posted as soon as you submit a quiz or test. Assignment grades are posted as soon as I have graded them. (I grade papers once a week or whenever there are 5 or more assignments submitted.)
  • Do the practice quizzes/uploading assignments as soon as possible so that we can deal with any problems that might crop up. That's what they are there for--to anticipate and solve problems before you actually start the course--so use them. The points for these two practice activities are added to your final grade--think of them as "extra credit" points. However--you only have the first two weeks of class to use them--after that, the links go dead.
  • If you have any technical problems, don't hesitate to email Sauk's technical support staff-- support@svcc.edu .
  • Students always do better when they follow some kind of a schedule and don't wait until the end of the semester to try and hand everything in. There are suggested schedules posted for each course.