Sauk business programs


Program Overview

Managers are needed in every business to plan, control and direct major functions toward organizational goals. The many job titles used for managers demonstrate the variety of responsibilities and positions in which managers work. Mid-level managers hold intermediary positions between supervisory and top management. They might be responsible for a specific region, division, or activity in sales, service, or production. Managers maintain high employee morale; communicate clearly in speech and in writing; show organization, objectivity, tactfulness, fairness and responsibility; think logically; and make good decisions.

Program Goals

  • Students will examine an overview of the importance of management, the management task, and management careers.
  • Students will illustrate fundamentals of social responsibility, social responsiveness, how society can help businesses meet social obligations.
  • Students will prioritize the fundamentals of decisions and the decision making process.
  • Students will solve changes in an organization and how to manage stress in an organization.

Career Degrees
Transfer Degrees