Admission Requirements

All students interested in any nursing program at SVCC must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Attend one  General Nursing Information Meeting.
  2. File a current application form for the program of interest with the Office of Health Professions.
  3. Complete ATI TEAS Test. (Advanced Placement students do not need the TEAS test.)
  4. Active CNA certificate on file with IDPH with verification of work history, or documentation of successful completion of a state approved CNA program within the last 2 years.  CNA work history verification can be documented via:  tax records, payment stub, IDPH registry (if clinical updates are present) or a letter from the employer.  (Advanced Placement students - LPN license is applicable for this requirement.)
  5. Complete SVCC admission and placement process (svcc.edu/apply).
  6. Fulfill English/Language Arts requirement by verifying one of the following (The most recent score or grade will be utilized.):
    • SVCC English/Language Arts Placement Test :  Placed out of reading course using SVCC Placement or ACT writing score or results from another school
    • Completed ELA 099 or higher level English course with a grade of "C" or better
    • Completed an equivalent course at another college or university with a grade of “C” or higher
  7. Fufill Mathematics requirement by meeting program specific admission criteria:
    • Four semesters of high school algebra or Math 3 with a grade of "C" or better within the last 5 years  of when algebra was taken
    • Placed into intermediate algebra (MAT 081 or MAT 106) 
    • Completed beginning algebra (MAT 075) for LPN or intermediate algebra (MAT 081) for ADN program
    • Completed equivalent course at another college or university with a grade of "C" or better.
  8. Schedule an appointment with the SVCC Academic Advisor, Valerie Kern-Lyons, at (815) 835-6204 or valerie.kernlyons@svcc.edu to develop an Application and Progression plan. Academic plans done in PSY 100 are not acceptable.
  9. Two recommendation forms must be submitted to the Dean of Health Professions before the designated deadline. It is required that the reference be from a professional source, i.e. employer, co-worker, supervisor, instructor, counselor. etc. Letters from family and/or friends will not be evaluated. You must make it clear to your reference that if they list you as a friend it will delay or may deny your application. All letters of recommendation should be mailed directly from the writer to the following address: Sauk Valley Community College, Dean of Health Professions, 173 IL Route 2, Dixon, IL 61021. (See pages 23 & 24)

Admission Procedure

The general admission requirements and minimum Selection Requirements must be completed by March 1 of the year the applicant wishes to be admitted. A point system will be utilized to evaluate all qualified applicants. Once all eligible applicants have been evaluated and ranked, students will be admitted from the highest ranking to the lowest, until all spaces are filled. If there are more eligible candidates than there are spaces available, a waiting list will be developed. If the class is not filled, a second evaluation will be implemented after June 1. Students who apply after March 1st will be evaluated as spaces are available.

The Admissions Committee reserves the right to include Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) as a part of the admission process. If a student has a CGPA below 2.5, he/she needs to see a counselor or academic advisor to discuss options prior to applying to the nursing programs.

Students who have a CGPA below 2.5 do not qualify for admission. Students not qualifying for admission may choose to complete CSS 100 Student Success Skills with a C; or better prior to applying to either the ADN or LPN program.Following completion of CSS 100, you are not qualified for admission if your CGPA remains below 2.5.

In all cases, the decision to admit an applicant rests with the Admissions Committee.