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Sauk Academic programs

Wind Energy Technician: Basic

(H85) Certificate

The purpose of the  Basic Wind Energy Technician Certificate is to help local employers develop a local wind energy industry.  An adequate supply of trained technical employees is necessary for the program to develop in northwest Illinois.

The Wind Energy Program is intended to train entry level technical employees through supervisory employees.  Any industrial technician or person wanting to enter the field and/or supervisor is an appropriate candidate for this program.

Work and Employment
The demand for wind energy technicians will be increasing in the Sauk Valley Community College district.  As the towers go up, the technicians will be needed.  Over 1000 towers are projected for our district.

Program Contacts at Sauk Valley Community College
Counseling Office, 815/835-6354. 

Estimated Program Cost

The following figures are based on 2016-17 tuition and fee rates and the course fees in the Class Schedule for the required number 28 credit hours.

Tuition $3,108.00 $8,960.00 $9,716.00
Fees $328.00 $328.00 $328.00
Course Fees * $528.00 * $528.00 * $528.00
Total Tuition and Fees $3,964.00 $9,816.00 $10,572.00

* Note: Course fees may vary depending upon the classes that a student completes within an academic program. The course fee above is only an estimation and represents the maximum course fees possible; it is likely that course fees will be lower than the estimation above.