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Academic Programs

Agribusiness - Associate in Arts (112)

(112) Associate in Arts

The agriculture or agribusiness degree classes are taught as part of a partnership between the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES) at the University of Illinois and Illinois Community Colleges. Students will take courses using distance education technologies such as the synchronous web-based software "Elluminate" (www.elluminate.com) and on line assignments and discussion boards. Courses that include laboratory experience will offer one or two Saturday sessions on the University of Illinois campus in Urbana. The classes are all taught by University of Illinois faculty, but the student will receive credit towards an associate degree from Sauk Valley Community College.

Students will pay regular Sauk Valley Community College tuition, not U of I tuition, for ACES courses. Credits from either the Agriculture or Agribusiness degree program may be transferred to the U of I or other four-year institutions to pursue a bachelor's degree. Students must have completed all developmental reading, English and math courses prior to registering for the agricultural courses.

Work and Employment
According to the U of I ACES and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, more than 48,000 agricultural-related jobs are available each year in agriculture and more than 300 agricultural careers are available globally.

Students who have already chosen the university to which they plan to transfer should consult that institution's catalog or department advisor and an SVCC academic advisor in planning their program.

Program Contacts at Sauk Valley Community College
Academic Advising, 815/835-6354.

Suggested Program - IAI Recommended Baccalaureate Curriculum

First Semester - Sem/Hrs: 17-18

  • AGR/BUS Elective 3-4 Semester hour(s)

  • ACC 101 - Financial Accounting 4 Semester hour(s)
  • CIS 109 - Introduction to Microcomputers - Windows 3 Semester hour(s)
  • ENG 101 - Composition I 3 Semester hour(s)
  • FYE 101 - First Year Experience 1 Semester hour(s)
  • MAT 220 - Finite Mathematics 3 Semester hour(s)
  • OR

  • MAT 240 - Elementary Statistics 3 Semester hour(s)

Second Semester - Sem/Hrs: 16-17

  • Social Science 3 Semester hour(s)
  • Humanities 3 Semester hour(s)

  • ACC 102 - Managerial Accounting 4 Semester hour(s)
  • ENG 103 - Composition II 3 Semester hour(s)
  • MAT 203 - Calculus and Analytic Geometry I 4 Semester hour(s)
  • or

  • MAT 221 - Calculus for Business and Social Sciences 3 Semester hour(s)

Third Semester - Sem/Hrs: 13-14

  • Fine Arts 3 Semester hour(s)
  • Life Science with Lab 4-5 Semester hour(s)

  • ECO 211 - Principles of Economics 3 Semester hour(s)
  • SPE 131 - Introduction to Oral Communication 3 Semester hour(s)

Fourth Semester - Sem/Hrs: 16-18

  • Humanities/Fine Arts 3 Semester hour(s)
  • Chemistry or Physics with Lab 4-5 Semester hour(s)
  • Electives 3 Semester hour(s)
  • Social Science 3 Semester hour(s)

  • ECO 212 - Problems of Economics 3 Semester hour(s)

Total Credits: 64-67


Follow this link for career information.