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Biology - Associate in Science (413)

(413) Associate in Science

Baccalaureate biological science programs are diverse. Some programs emphasize cell and molecular biology, whereas others emphasize organismal, ecological and evolutionary biology. Research universities offer specific programs of study, optional tracks or specialization's within biology. Students should decide the direction or specialization within the Biological Sciences major as early as possible, preferably by the beginning of the sophomore year. Community college students are strongly encouraged to complete an Associate in Science (A.S.) degree prior to transfer. To transfer as a junior into a baccalaureate biological sciences program, students must complete a minimum of 64 semester credits, including all of the prerequisite science courses listed. For maximum transferability, students are encouraged to complete all general education, supporting science, and biology core courses listed.

Effective Fall of 2016, the associate in science (A.S.) degree is designed to complete the lower-division (freshman and sophomore) portion of a bachelor of science degree in STEM related majors. As a result, A.S. degree does not include the entire General Education Core Curriculum. Therefore, students will need to complete MORE general education courses after transfer by completing the GECC curriculum while enrolled at the participating Illinois transfer institution OR fulfilling the general education requirements of their selected non-participating transfer institution.

Students who have already chosen the university to which they wish to transfer should consult that institution's catalog or department advisor, an SVCC academic advisor, and an SVCC biology instructor in planning their program.

Program Contactsat Sauk Valley Community College
Academic Advising, 815/835-6354;
Lori Anton, Assistant :Professor of Biology, 815/835-6402;
David Breen, Professor of Biology, 815/835-6355;
Bradley Smith, Associate Professor of Biology, 815/835-6225.

Biological Sciences - IAI Recommended Baccalaureate Curriculum

Suggested Program

First Semester - Sem/Hrs: 18

  • Social/Behavioral Science 3 Semester hour(s)
  • Personal Development 1 Semester hour(s)

  • BIO 105 - Principles of Biology 5 Semester hour(s)
  • CHE 105 - General Chemistry I 5 Semester hour(s)
  • ENG 101 - Composition I 3 Semester hour(s)
  • FYE 101 - First Year Experience 1 Semester hour(s)

Second Semester - Sem/Hrs: 17

  • Fine Arts 3 semester hour(s)
  • Personal Development 1 semester hour

  • BIO 123 - Introduction to Botany 5 Semester hour(s)
  • CHE 106 - General Chemistry II 5 Semester hour(s)
  • ENG 103 - Composition II 3 Semester hour(s)

Third Semester - Sem/Hrs: 18

  • Fine Arts 3 Semester hour(s)
  • Social/Behavioral Science 3 Semester hour(s)
  • Personal Development 2 Semester hour(s)

  • BIO 131 - General Zoology 5 Semester hour(s)
  • CHE 201 - Organic Chemistry I 5 Semester hour(s)

Fourth Semester - Sem/Hrs: 17

  • Humanities/Fine Arts 3 Semester hour(s)
  • Social/Behavioral Science 3 Semester hour(s)
  • Humanities 3 Semester hour(s)

  • CHE 202 - Organic Chemistry II 5 Semester hour(s)
  • SPE 131 - Introduction to Oral Communication 3 Semester hour(s)

Total Credits: 70


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