Welding: Pipe Welding

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Welding: Pipe Welding - Certificate (H47)

(H47) Certificate

This program is designed to prepare students for employment in industry for positions in the field of pipe welding. Students will be trained in welding in several positions using several types of welding technologies. Students entering the program should have some welding experience or hold certification in welding. Individuals completing this program will be able to prepare and weld large industrial, commercial or residential applications. Students will be prepared to sit for AWS certification.

Work and Employment

This program is structured to be an extension of our existing welding certificates for students who are preparing for the workforce or students who have already joined the workforce and who are looking to expand their welding skill base.

Program Contacts at Sauk Valley Community College
Academic Advising, 815/835-6354;
Roxanne Finneran, Assistant Instructor of Welding, 815/835-6387;
Scott Gillihan, Assistant Instructor of Welding, 815/835-6278.

Major Field Requirements

  • WLD 132 - Horizontal Pipe Welding-2G 3 Semester hour(s) Semester hour(s)
  • WLD 134 - TIG-Small Diameter Pipe 3 Semester hour(s) Semester hour(s)
  • WLD 135 - Vertical Pipe Welding-5G 3 Semester hour(s) Semester hour(s)
  • WLD 136 - Angled Pipe Welding-6G 3 Semester hours Semester hour(s)
  • WLD 137 - TIG-Large Diameter Pipe 3 Semester hour(s) Semester hour(s)
  • IND 116 - Industrial Print Reading 3 Semester hour(s)
  • IND 131 - OSHA Standards 1 Semester hour(s)

Total Hours Required for Certificate: 19


Follow this link for career information.