Expanded Opportunities

Expanded Opportunities

Cooperative Agreement Programs at Other Community Colleges

Cooperative Agreements allow residents of the SVCC District 506 to attend the community colleges listed in the link below as an in-district student to pursue a career or technical (occupational) credit program NOT OFFERED by SVCC. These agreements with select Illinois community colleges allow a student from SVCC's district to attend one of these colleges to complete the desired program and to only pay that college's in-district tuition rate. Transfer programs or individual course enrollment are not eligible for cooperative agreements.

The cooperative agreement form must be completed by SVCC residents who wish to attend another participating Illinois public community college to complete a career or technical (occupational) program not offered by SVCC. The form must be completed and turned in to the Dean of Student Services for approval at least 30 days prior to the start of classes. An approved cooperative agreement form is valid for one academic year as indicated on the application. Upon approval, the Dean of Student Services will send the form to the cooperating college. A new request form must be submitted for additional academic years. The cooperating college will issue the degree or certificate for successful completion of the program of study.

An approved cooperative agreement covers only courses required by the requested career or technical (occupational) program. This agreement is void if program/college changes, or student enrolls in courses not applicable to the approved program.

Chargeback Request

In the rare instance where SVCC does not have a cooperative agreement for a desired program, a resident of SVCC District 506 can request a chargeback by filling out a chargeback form and completing the instructions below. Requests for chargeback consideration must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the start of classes.  

To request a chargeback for a career or technical (occupational) credit program at another Illinois community college, please submit the following:

  1. A chargeback request letter identifying the Illinois community college the student wishes to attend, the title of the career or technical program, and the reason the college was selected. This letter must include the request date and applicant contact information (i.e. telephone, address).
  2. A copy of the school's curriculum or program guidesheet (description of the program and a required course listing).

A chargeback request may be denied if SVCC has a cooperative agreement with another Illinois community college offering the desired program.  Limited enrollment in a SVCC program is not considered a factor for approval. No more than one chargeback will be considered during the same academic year.  Any application submitted after the 60 day deadline will not be considered.

Upon approval, a completed form will be faxed or mailed to the Illinois community college the student plans to attend. The student will also receive a copy of the completed form.

Payment will be made to the receiving college only for courses which are required in the approved program, for courses that have not been repeated or dropped, and for courses which earn college level credit.

Documents and Forms

For required forms and a list of Illinois participating community colleges go to svcc.edu/cca.

Submit all documents to:

Dean of Student Services
Sauk Valley Community College
173 IL Route 2
Dixon, IL  61021
Fax: (815) 380-6982

Cooperative Agreement Programs at Sauk Valley Community College

Residents of other Illinois community college districts may be eligible to attend SVCC as an in-district student if they are planning to attend under one of the agreements listed at svcc.edu/cca.  Students need to contact their community college district to obtain a cooperative agreement form.