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Academic Programs

Agribusiness - Associate in Arts (112)

Associate in Arts (112)

The agribusiness degree will prepare students to transfer to a four-year institution to earn a bachelor's degree with a business focus on agriculture. The study of agricultural business fields provides opportunities for careers in marketing, business management, policy analysis and international trade. Community College students are encouraged to complete an Associate in Arts degree prior to transfer. Remember to consult your academic advisor early and often!

Note: All agriculture majors need to be computer literate. You must be able to negotiate an operating system such as OS/2, DOS, or Windows; access the Internet; and use word processing, database and spreadsheet software.

Work and Employment
According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, more than 48,000 agricultural-related jobs are available each year in agriculture and more than 300 agricultural careers are available globally. Click here for further career information: https://www.svcc.edu/academics/programs/individual/112.html

Students who have already chosen the university to which they plan to transfer should consult that institution's catalog or department advisor and an SVCC academic advisor in planning their program.

Program Contacts at Sauk Valley Community College
Academic Advising, 815/835-6354
Dr. Ryan G. Anderson, Professor of Agriculture 815/835-6379

Agriculture-Agribusiness, Farm and Financial Management - IAI Recommended Baccalaureate Curriculum

Follow this link for career information.

Total Hours Required - 66-67 Hours

Suggested Program

First Semester - 17-18 Hours

  • AGR/BUS Elective 3-4 Semester hour(s)
  • ACC101 - Financial Accounting ( 4 Semester Hours)

    This course presents accounting as an information system that produces summary financial statements, primarily for users external to a business enterprise organized as a corporation. Students study the forms of business organization and the common transactions entered into by businesses. The emphasis is on understanding and applying basic accounting principles and other concepts that guide the reporting of the effect of transactions and other economic events on the financial condition and operating results of a corporation. The procedures of how to analyze and interpret historical financial statements, as well, and the limitations of using these in making forward-looking business decisions is included. The primary content emphasis will be accounting for current assets and liabilities, long-term assets and liabilities, corporations, cash flow statements, and financial statement analyses. 4 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): BUS 903 Lecture/Lab Hours 4 lec/week

  • CIS109 - Introduction to Computers ( 3 Semester Hours)

    This introductory course consists of the study of computer hardware, software, operating systems and communications, networking, Internet, systems and program development life cycles and their role in business decision making. The use of Internet, multimedia, security, and ethics will be emphasized throughout the course. In addition, laboratory experience will be gained with a survey of Microsoft Windows and business computer software applications programs in word processing, electronic spreadsheets, database management, presentation graphics, and Internet. Prerequisite: None. Students having no experience with computers are encouraged to first take OAS 103-Keyboarding. Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): BUS 902 Semester hour(s): 3 Lecture/Lab Hours: 2 lec, 2 lab/week

  • ENG101 - Composition I ( 3 Semester Hours)

    A basic course in essay writing with emphasis on exposition, ENG 101 stresses knowledge and application of the rhetorical modes. ENG 101 presupposes competence in grammar, usage, and mechanics. Prerequisite: ACT standard score in English of 22 or above; required scores on the current English placement test, or grade of C or higher in ELA 099. Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): C1 900 Semester hour(s): 3 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

  • FYE101 - First Year Experience ( 1 Semester Hours)

    This course is designed to facilitate the self-development of the student, and introduce students to the expectations of the college community. This course reviews the academic skills that promote success during their college career. Topics will include, but not limited to, identifying campus/community resources, test-taking strategies, career exploration/decision making, problem solving, literacy, and critical thinking. Students will also learn strategies for taking personal responsibility for their academic and career choices. (Students in good standing (GPA of 2.0 or higher), who have accumulated 16 semester hours or more prior to enrolling as a degree seeking student at Sauk are not required to take this class). Semester hour(s): 1 Lecture/Lab Hours: 1 lec/week

  • MAT220 - Finite Mathematics ( 3 Semester Hours)

    A study of some major topics in finite mathematics: interest, annuities, matrix theory, matrix operations, solutions of systems of inequalities, linear programming by graphing and Simplex methods, principles of counting and probability. Applications of these topics in the fields of business management, economics, and social science, as well as natural science are included. Prerequisite: MAT 121 with a grade of ""C"" or higher (or appropriate placement score), OR four years of college preparatory high school mathematics with grades of ""C"" or higher OR Math 3 with a grade of ""C or higher. Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): M1 906 Semester hour(s): 3 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week


    MAT240 - Elementary Statistics ( 3 Semester Hours)

    An introduction to basic concepts in statistical methods including measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion, probability, theoretical and empirical distribution, estimation, tests of hypotheses, linear regression and correlation. Prerequisite: MAT 081 with a grade of ""C"" or higher or two years of high school algebra with grades of C or higher, Math 3 with a C or higher, or appropriate placement scores. Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): M1 902 Semester hour(s): 3 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week


    Second Semester - 18 Hours

    • Humanities 3 Semester hour(s)
    • ACC102 - Managerial Accounting ( 4 Semester Hours)

      This course presents accounting as a system of producing information for use in internally managing a business. The course emphasizes the identification, accumulation, and interpretation of information for planning, controlling, and evaluating the performance of the separate components of a business. Included is the identification and measurement of the costs of producing goods or services and how to analyze and control these costs. Decision models commonly used in making specific short-term and long-term business decisions also are included. Prerequisite: ACC 101 4 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): BUS 904 Lecture/Lab Hours 4 lec/week

    • AGR102 - Intro to Agricultural Econ ( 4 Semester Hours)

      An introduction to the principles of economics including production principles; production costs, supply and revenue; profit maximization; consumption and demand; price elasticity; market price determination; and competitive versus noncompetitive market models. These principles are applied to agriculture and the role of agriculture in the United States and world economies. Other topics include a survey of the world food situation; natural, human and capital resources; commodity product marketing; and agricultural problems and policies. 4 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): AG 901 Lecture/Lab Hours: 4 lec/week

    • ENG103 - Composition II ( 3 Semester Hours)

      An advanced course in essay writing with emphasis on formal research, ENG 103 serves to develop a proficiency in the collection and selection of data as applied to the completion of a formal research paper. In addition, students receive instruction in logic and reasoning, including the fundamentals of argumentative and persuasive writing. Prerequisite: A grade of C or higher in ENG 101 or its equivalent or consent of instructor. Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): C1 901R Semester hour(s): 3 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

    • MAT203 - Calculus & Analytic Geometry I ( 4 Semester Hours)

      The elementary concepts of differential and integral calculus are introduced and applications are discussed. These include: limits, continuity, the derivative, rules of differentiation, the indefinite and definite integral. Trigonometric functions are dealt with. Some applications are: related rates, graphing, extreme value problems and Newton's method for finding roots of equations. Prerequisite: MAT 122 - Trigonometry with a grade of C or higher (or appropriate placement score) OR four years of college preparatory high school mathematics with grades of C or higher and either the appropriate placement score or an ACT Math score at least 26 OR Math 3 with a grade of C or higher and either appropriate placement score or an ACT Math score of at least 26 Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): M1 900-1, MTH 901 Semester hour(s): 4 Lecture/Lab Hours: 4 lec/week


      MAT221 - Calc for Bus & Soc Science ( 4 Semester Hours)

      A brief course in elementary differential and integral calculus. Primarily for students of business, economics and social science, with emphasis on applications. Prerequisite: MAT 121 with a grade of C or higher or appropriate placement score, or four years of college preparatory high school mathematics with grades of C or higher OR Math 3 with a grade of ""C"" or higher. Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): M1 900-B Semester hour(s): 4 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week


      Third Semester - 14 Hours

      • Fine Arts 3 Semester hour(s)
      • CHE105 - General Chemistry I ( 5 Semester Hours)

        This course involves the study of matter, measurements, the periodic table of the elements, atomic structure, basic concepts of quantum theory, bonding, stoichiometry of compounds and reactions, solution chemistry, introduction to acids and bases, thermochemistry, the gaseous state, and basic concepts of the liquid and solid states. This class is for chemistry, engineering, pre-medical and science majors. Prerequisite: One year of high school chemistry or CHE 103 or CHE 102. Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): P1 902L, CHM 911 Semester hour(s): 5 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec, 3 lab/week

      • COM131 - Intro to Oral Communication ( 3 Semester Hours)

        This course combines communication theory with the practice of oral communication skills. This course: (1) develops awareness of the communication process; (2) provides inventional, organizational, and expressive strategies; (3) promotes understanding of and adaptation to a variety of communication contexts; and (4) emphasizes critical skills in listening, reading, thinking, and speaking. 3 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): C2 900 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

      • ECO211 - Principles of Macroeconomics ( 3 Semester Hours)

        A survey of macro-economic theory with emphasis on resource allocation in a mixed-enterprise economy. Concentration is on the operation of the market mechanism. The role of government and labor, national income determination and accounting, monetary and fiscal policy and the neoclassical synthesis. Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): S3 901 Semester hour(s): 3 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3/lec week

      Fourth Semester - 17 Hours

      • Humanities/Fine Arts 3 Semester hour(s)
      • AGR Electives 3 Semester hour(s)
      • Social Science 3 Semester hour(s)
      • BIO105 - Principles of Biology ( 5 Semester Hours)

        A survey of the basic principles of biology including nature of science, cells, structure and function of organisms, genetics, evolution and ecology. This course is designed to satisfy the biology requirement for general education and vocation-occupational curriculum majors. It provides a basis for understanding principles common to all major fields of biology for the science or professional major. This course along with BIO 123 (Introduction to Botany) and BIO 131 (General Zoology) is part of the three-semester sequence that satisfies the IAI 910 Biology requirement. Students who have completed BIO 105 with a grade of "C" or better will not receive credit for BIO 103 or BIO 104. Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): L1 910L, BIO 910 Semester hour(s) 5 semester hours Lecture/Lab Hours 4 lec, 2 lab/week

      • ECO212 - Principles of Microeconomics ( 3 Semester Hours)

        A continuation of ECO 211 with emphasis on micro-economic theory. Concentration is on supply and demand, the theory of the firm, monopoly and imperfect competition, international trade and finance, economic problems of underdeveloped nations and contemporary problems of economic growth and stability in a mixed enterprise economy. ECO 211 is recommended. Prerequisite: ECO 211 recommended. Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): S3 902 Semester hour(s): 3 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week