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Academic Programs

Sociology - Associate in Arts (656)

Associate in Arts (656)

Community college students are strongly encouraged to complete an Associate degree prior to transfer. Freshmen and sophomores who plan to major in sociology are encouraged to complete additional foundation courses (including courses in the social and behavioral sciences) and mathematics. The number of sociology courses should be minimized.

Click here for career information: www.svcc.edu:academics/programs/individual/656

Students who have already chosen the university to which they plan to transfer should consult that institution's catalog or department advisor and an SVCC academic advisor in planning their program. Students pursuing social science education should meet with an academic advisor.

Program Contacts at Sauk Valley Community College
Academic Advising, 815/835-6354
Dr. James Wright, Professor of Sociology, 815/835-6369

Sociology - IAI Recommended Baccalaureate Curriculum

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Total Hours Required - 65 Hours

Suggested Program

First Semester - 16 Hours

  • *Electives 3 Semester hour(s)
  • Personal Development 3 Semester hour(s)
  • COM131 - Intro to Oral Communication ( 3 Semester Hours)

    This course combines communication theory with the practice of oral communication skills. This course: (1) develops awareness of the communication process; (2) provides inventional, organizational, and expressive strategies; (3) promotes understanding of and adaptation to a variety of communication contexts; and (4) emphasizes critical skills in listening, reading, thinking, and speaking. 3 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): C2 900 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

  • ENG101 - Composition I ( 3 Semester Hours)

    A basic course in essay writing with emphasis on exposition, ENG 101 stresses knowledge and application of the rhetorical modes. ENG 101 presupposes competence in grammar, usage, and mechanics. Prerequisite: ACT standard score in English of 22 or above; required scores on the current English placement test, or grade of C or higher in ELA 099. Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): C1 900 Semester hour(s): 3 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

  • FYE101 - First Year Experience ( 1 Semester Hours)

    This course is designed to facilitate the self-development of the student, and introduce students to the expectations of the college community. This course reviews the academic skills that promote success during their college career. Topics will include, but not limited to, identifying campus/community resources, test-taking strategies, career exploration/decision making, problem solving, literacy, and critical thinking. Students will also learn strategies for taking personal responsibility for their academic and career choices. (Students in good standing (GPA of 2.0 or higher), who have accumulated 16 semester hours or more prior to enrolling as a degree seeking student at Sauk are not required to take this class). Semester hour(s): 1 Lecture/Lab Hours: 1 lec/week

  • SOC111 - Introduction to Sociology ( 3 Semester Hours)

    Students will be introduced to the perspective, concepts and methods of sociology. Emphasis will be given to how the groups that make up our society function. The forces that hold groups together or cause them to change will be explored while the students examine how they learn to play roles within the family, school, religion, peer groups and in other social settings. Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): S7 900 Semester hour(s): 3 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

Second Semester - 18 Hours

  • Electives 6 Semester hour(s)
  • ENG103 - Composition II ( 3 Semester Hours)

    An advanced course in essay writing with emphasis on formal research, ENG 103 serves to develop a proficiency in the collection and selection of data as applied to the completion of a formal research paper. In addition, students receive instruction in logic and reasoning, including the fundamentals of argumentative and persuasive writing. Prerequisite: A grade of C or higher in ENG 101 or its equivalent or consent of instructor. Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): C1 901R Semester hour(s): 3 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

  • MAT220 - Finite Mathematics ( 3 Semester Hours)

    A study of some major topics in finite mathematics: interest, annuities, matrix theory, matrix operations, solutions of systems of inequalities, linear programming by graphing and Simplex methods, principles of counting and probability. Applications of these topics in the fields of business management, economics, and social science, as well as natural science are included. Prerequisite: MAT 121 with a grade of ""C"" or higher (or appropriate placement score), OR four years of college preparatory high school mathematics with grades of ""C"" or higher OR Math 3 with a grade of ""C or higher. Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): M1 906 Semester hour(s): 3 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week


    MAT240 - Elementary Statistics ( 3 Semester Hours)

    An introduction to basic concepts in statistical methods including measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion, probability, theoretical and empirical distribution, estimation, tests of hypotheses, linear regression and correlation. Prerequisite: MAT 081 with a grade of ""C"" or higher or two years of high school algebra with grades of C or higher, Math 3 with a C or higher, or appropriate placement scores. Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): M1 902 Semester hour(s): 3 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

    • PSY103 - Introduction to Psychology ( 3 Semester Hours)

      This course is designed to introduce the student to major concepts, theories, principles, and research in the field of psychology. This course will survey the scientific study of human and animal characteristics and behavior. Major topics from biological, behavioral, cognitive, personality, developmental, abnormal, and social psychology theory and research will be emphasized. Universal characteristics and individual differences will be explored Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): S6 900 Semester hour(s): 3 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

    • SOC112 - Social Problems ( 3 Semester Hours)

      A study of the nature of social problems including strategies for achieving social change. Students will participate in the selection and presentation to the class of the specific problems to be considered. Investigation of local communities will constitute an important aspect of the course. Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): S7 901 Semester hour(s): 3 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

    Third Semester - 15-16 Hours

    • **Life Science 3-4 Semester hour(s)
    • Electives 3 Semester hour(s)
    • Fine Arts 3 Semester hour(s)
    • SOC115 - Intro to Anthropology ( 3 Semester Hours)

      This course is a study of the biological and cultural origins and variations of human beings. Humans' adaptation to different natural environments and resulting modes of social-cultural systems and behaviors are emphasized via selected case studies of extinct and extant human groups. Principles of ethnography, archaeology, and linguistics shall be addressed throughout the course. Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): S1 900N Semester hour(s): 3 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

    • SOC251 - Human Sexuality and Marriage ( 3 Semester Hours)

      This course assesses psychological, sociological and biological perspectives on human sexuality, courtship and marriage in the contemporary United States. Emphasis is placed on sex-role acquisition as part of the general development of personality; the psychosocial aspects of dating, courtship, family planning, parenthood, marital dissolution and remarriage; family functions and problems; alternatives to the traditional family; and the changing nature of family life. Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): S7 902 Semester hour(s): 3 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

    Fourth Semester - 15-16 Hours

    • Humanities/Fine Arts 3 Semester hour(s)
    • **Physical Science 3-4 Semester hour(s)
    • Electives 3 Semester hour(s)
    • Humanities 3 Semester hour(s)
    • SOC116 - General Cultural Anthropology ( 3 Semester Hours)

      An analysis of the origin and basis of culture- its major components, cultural variation, cultural evolution and cultural adaptation. Analysis of selected cultures as case studies. Prerequisite: SOC 115 is recommended. Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): S1 901N Semester hour(s): 3 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week


    • *Three to four semesters of a college-level foreign language or three to four years of a high school level foreign language may be required for a Bachelor of Arts Degree.
    • **One lab science required.