New Programs
Offer New Opportunities
SVCC students will be given more opportunities to learn as the Illinois
Community College Board approved degrees and certificates to be
offered starting in the summer of 2012. ese new programs include
sustainable technology, solar energy, pipe welding, multicra and
fire science.
Associate in Applied Science degrees will now be available in
the areas of multicra, sustainable technology and fire science.
e multicra program provides graduates the skills and
knowledge of mechanical engineering technology with
electrical and electronic services to be able to maintain, design,
develop, test, and manufacture electronic and computer-
controlled mechanical systems, such as robotic assembly
machines. Students will also be able to select a specialization in
alternative energy, electrical, electronics, HVAC, welding, or
wind energy. Another field of interest where an associate
in applied science can be obtained is in sustainable
technologies. Graduates entering this field will have
a varied background as they study green energy
technologies including solar, geothermal and small
wind. ey will also gain knowledge and skill
in electrical and electronics systems as well as
fluid power.
e new fire science program offers a degree and
certificates to students interested in pursuing or advancing
their career in the field. Over 20 local fire departments and
businesses worked with SVCC to develop the new state-of-the-art
program by helping with curricula, equipment donation and remodeling the
new fire science building. e fire science program will offer courses in areas
such as hazardous materials, management, service vehicle operation, tactics
and strategies, building construction and more.
Students interested in completing a program in a shorter time frame will be
interested in the new certificates available at SVCC. e solar energy certificate
will provide graduates with expertise in electrical and electronic systems as
well as fluid components to enter the work force as solar energy installers and
technicians. A new certificate in pipe welding will also be available for students
with experience in welding looking to expand their training. e pipe welding
program will instruct students to use several types of welding technologies
and positions (vertical, angled, small, horizontal, etc.) needed in the field.