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Citizenship Services

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Set your sights on citizenship. We’ll provide the resources as you reach toward interview readiness.

Reasons to Apply:

  1. You can still be deported as a legal resident, not when you are a citizen.
  2. You can petition family members that you are not able to as Legal Permanent Residents.
  3. Your application for some family members may move up on the priority list when you become a citizen.
  4. VOTE!!! You will have a voice to shape the future of the country.
  5. No more renewal fees – citizenship is permanent.
  6. Laws are changing and it might be more difficult and expensive to apply for citizenship in the future.

 Requirements for Naturalization:

  1. 5 years of legal residency or at least 3 years if married to a U.S. citizen or in the military.
  2. 18 years or older
  3. Pass the English and American history interview ( some exemptions apply after 50).
    • Adult ESL classes and Citizenship Study Sessions are offered through the SVCC Adult Education Department.

To learn more visit:

Get started today! Call 815-835-6241 to set up an appointment with the Project Vital Coordinator.

*At the appointment you can begin to fill out a sample Naturalization Application which upon completion, will be reviewed by an attorney or BIA accredited representative and sent off to the Department of Human Services. This step will save you hundreds of dollars in legal fees and you may also be able to have the $680.00 application fee waived depending on family income.