Sauk Valley Community College

an institution of higher education that provides quality learning opportunities to meet the diverse needs of its students and community


Private and corporate gifts to the Sauk Foundation have created a number of endowments that will provide scholarships for students for many years to come. Endowments require a minimum of $5,000 to start and scholarships are awarded from the earnings and market growth of invested funds. The total amount of invested endowment scholarship dollars at the end of fiscal year 2012 is approximately $1.1 million. For more information on applying for scholarships, contact Sauk's Financial Aid Office.

Endowment Restrictions
Anonymous Health Care Endowment Health Care
Anonymous Health Care Endowment Veterans, Scouting, Police, Fire
Anonymous Education Endowment Veterans, Scouting, Police, Fire
Bailey Award for Business and Education Endowment
Bauder Memorial Endowment Unrestricted
Bob Beelendorf Memorial Endowment Unrestricted
Broderick-Harrison Family Endowment Non-traditional Female
Everett Burns Memorial Endowment Amboy
CGH/KSB Health Care Endowment Health Care
Alvin Dimond Memorial Endowment Sterling Athletes
Dorothy K. Engel Music and Fine Arts Memorial Endowment
Bert Fordham Memorial Endowment Criminal Justice
Scott and Vivian Hitchcock Memorial Endowment Nursing
Dr. Woo-Young Kim Memorial Endowment Health Care
Kit Lillyman Foreign Language Endowment Foreign Language
Jerry Weston Mathis Memorial Endowment Theatre
Minorities Endowment Minorities and International Students
Lori D. Nern Memorial Endowment Women
Ann N. Perkins Memorial Endowment Special Ed or Nursing
Glenn J. and Marie Pohly Memorial Endowment Health Careers
Polo Lions Endowment Polo
Norma Poole Memorial Endowment Unrestricted
Donald R. Puterbaugh Memorial Endowment Sterling Athletes
Paul Reynolds Memorial Endowment Dixon Athletes
Margaret Roache Memorial Endowment Health Careers
Edith and Ethel Sanborn Memorial Endowment Unrestricted
Sims/Hilton Nursing Endowment Nursing
Single Parents Endowment
John D. and Cora Jurgens Van Bibber Memorial Endowment Criminal Justice
Warren P. and Joan Wahl Endowment Associate Degree Nursing
Robert Warner Endowment Dixon
Doris Welty Memorial Endowment Health Careers (Amboy)
Robert L. Wentz Memorial Endowment Business Degree
Whiteside County Medical Society Endowment Health Careers