Our Service Locations

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  • Ensures the safety and engagement of children in an assigned group.
  • Provide assistance with homework and encourage academic progress. 
  • Follows program lesson plans and implementation plans in a developmentally appropriate manner, meeting the individual physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of the participants.
  • Provides careful, attentive supervision, alert at all times.
  • Serves as a positive role model, demonstrates professional behavior and understands positive youth development approaches to the academic and social development of youth.
  • Facilitates a program environment that invites exploration, promotes positive play, and welcomes children.
  • Promotes a team concept through a positive approach to supervision, communication, and interactions with others. Maintains on-going communication with the supervisor.
  • Maintain accurate classroom records as assigned and according to program requirements.
  • Communicates regularly with parents; attends parent/family events as designated by the supervisor.
  • Demonstrates a working knowledge of YMCA mission, purpose and goals, childcare policies and YMCA standards; ensures the program meets the highest standards of excellence.



Assists with all functions of the YWCA Economic Empowerment Programs, with extra attention directed to career/job search services. Provides instruction on job search techniques, practice interviews, and assistance with career/interview clothing while creating a comfortable, non-judgmental environment for women to gain confidence as they learn and prepare to enter the workforce.

  • Provides support, when needed, to YWCA techGYRLs, Girls Space, Summer Science, and Girls Summit.
  • Assists with YWCA Special Events such as the Fiesta activities, YWCA Week Without Violence, Peace Camps, Juneteenth, 5k, Awareness months and possibly others.


Dillon Elementary School

  • Members serve in the kindergarten sections with approximately 10-15 students in each classroom during the school day
  • Majority of core activities will take place during the morning classroom instruction
  • A member will be assigned to each class to work with students 20-30 minutes er school day in small groups and assist students in 1:1 settings in the areas of math and language
  • Members will provide classroom support to students who need review under the direction of the classroom teacher


Bureau Valley North School

  • Member will be serving with the teacher identified students to provide additional assistance with academic work
  • Member will be tutoring one-on-one and in small groups primarily in K-3 students
  • Members will be working some with 6-8th teacher identified students needing assistance in math
  • Member will work closely with teachers to provide students with positive interactions in the classroom to assure success for all students


Oregon Junior/Senior High School

  • Members will report to Oregon Jr High in a discussed schedule when school is in session per district calendar.
  • Members will be assigned to class periods through the day that will allow for as much math classroom interaction as possible.
  • Members may be assigned to work one on one, or small groups, with students needing additional support.
  • Members may be assigned to help supervise lunch periods as a means to gain additional exposure to students to help build better relationships.
  • Members may be assigned to other duties as needed


Kreider Services

KSI/Independent Supports
  • Assist with coaching traditional Special Olympics sports (practices and events)
  • Assist with monitoring clients in group settings during events
  • Assist with basic needs for clients such as getting drinks or helping serve meals
  • Assist with transporting equipments such as coolers, backpacks, and sports equipment
  • Assist clients with directional challenges such as locating drinking fountains and public restrooms
  • Assist with care and storage of equipment, uniforms, games, and other miscellaneous items
  • Assist with social activities such as identifying numbers at bingo games or reading stats at a sporting event
  • Act as an appropriate role model in social settings


Hammond Henry Hospital

Volunteer Department
  • Assist with training, orientation and scheduling volunteer opportunities for teen volunteers (8th – 12th grades) who are assisting with activities for hospital residents, staff and visitors in Hammond-Henry Hospital
  • Assist with recognition of junior volunteers at HHH
  • Assisting in set up and cleaning of activity volunteer activities in various departments
  • Working with teen volunteers to serve needs of hospital patients
  • Clerical support for departments or adult volunteers in HHH (copying, laminating, preparing brochures and educational information, etc.)
  • Transporting patients (via wheelchair) to and from the activity area.
  • Helping to educate the local community about Hammond-Henry Hospital volunteer opportunities and activities
  • Promoting a safe environment
Activities/Long Term Care
  • Participating in and organizing a variety of games and projects for hospital residents, under the direction of the Activities Director
  • Working with adult volunteers and teen volunteers who help with patient activities
  • Must have an interest in geriatric care
  • Assisting in set up and cleaning of activity area
  • Keeping equipment and supplies in good order
  • Safely transporting patients (via wheelchair) to and from the activity area.
  • Assisting with field trips for extended care residents to local sites of interest
  • Distributing meal trays to residents.
  • Promoting a safe environment.


Teen Turf

  • Keep attendance Records.
  • Provide homework help.
  • Provide computer monitoring and assistance.
  • Take part in physical Activities.
  • Organize different games.
  • Establish reading goals.
  • Prep and clean-up.
  • Chaperone Friday night dances.
  • Refer discipline issues to the Program Director.
  • Other duties assigned by PD in compliance with AmeriCorps rules and regulations.


University of Illinois Extension

  • Work with University of Illinois Extension Youth Development Educator to design and plan the Summer 4-H Outreach Program - this will include curriculum identification and selection, networking with community partners to identify local needs, and marketing/recruitment of participants for summer youth programs.
  • Implement and conduct the summer 4-H youth program in community settings in Lee county as directed by the supervisor.
  • Design and implement a plan to transition summer youth participants into 4-H clubs and special interest groups following the summer program.
  • Assist with set-up and take-down of educational props for programs as directed by Extension Educators.
  • Assist with organizing educational materials.
  • Distribute educational materials as directed by Extension Educators.
  • Work with volunteers and collaborate with other organizations and agencies as needed



Summer Lunch Program Assistant

  • Packer:  Work with a small group to pack almost 2,000 meals
  • Server:  Pick up sack lunches and take the meals to a meal service location. At noon you will hand out lunches to all kids and teenagers that ask for lunch. The only thing you need to track is how many lunches you give out. At 12:30 you will need to return leftovers to the packing site.  May use a United Way van.
  • Runner:  Be ready to drive to one of the Sterling/Rock Falls meal sites to deliver extra meals if they run low.  May also hand out meals at a site if a volunteer does not show for their shift. May use a United Way van.


Festival 56 (Princeton Theater)

  • Putting up Streamed / or online Cabarets
  • Putting up Streamed / or online reads “Rabbit Hole”
  • Finalize the Theater’s Disaster Plan
  • Assist with a Christmas Radio Play
  • Assist with a Spring Radio Play
  • Contact other theaters for Ad Swaps
  • Contact local businesses for Ad Sales
  • Investigate Billboard Advertising
  • Investigate Radio Publicity
  • Work with Rick Brooks
  • Investigate outdoor venues and creatively work with Artistic Director on feasibility
  • Collect Mail and pull data for the grant writer
  • Develop Spring Children’s Programing
  • Create Online Read Alouds for Children
  • Investigate Gala possibilities
  • Be a face for the Princeton Theater Group with the City of Princeton and surrounding communities


Resource/Service Directory Work-Study

  • Report to the designated area, at the designated time prepared to work
  • Monitor Service Directory email account: servicesdirectory@svcc.edu
  • Create, update or adjust any information on Directory Entry
  • Reply to sender and confirm that all information has been updated
  • Other duties as assigned or designated by office staff in compliance with AmeriCorps guidelines


Dixon Park District

  • Plant and maintain trees and shrubs
  • Turf management including mowing, weeding, and trimming
  • Basic light vehicle and equipment use and maintenance (riding mowers, trimmers)
  • Athletic field preparation
  • General custodial duties 
  • Snow and/or leaf removal
  • Garbage removal
  • Other tasks as assigned by supervisor
  • Present a positive image of Dixon Park District to the public at all times
  • Handle negative public responses in a polite and professional manner, receive and respond to all customer/public requests
Camp Instructor
  • Work with the Recreation Director to prepare for camp activities
  • Assist in activity planning
  • Lead camp events 
  • Present a positive image of Dixon Park District to the public at all times
  • Handle negative public responses in a polite and professional manner, receive and respond to all customer/public requests
Front Desk Assistant
  • General filing and maintaining an orderly filing system 
  • Distribute tupe materials as required
  • Accept registrations for Dixon Park District programs
  • Operate all office machines
  • Keep office area organized 
  • Must follow all of Dixon Park District policies and procedures
  • Work closely with office manager and bookkeeper
  • Perform all duties as instructed or requested
  • Present a positive image of Dixon Park District to the public at all times
  • Handle negative public responses in a polite and professional manner, receive and respond to all customer/public requests


North Central Illinois Art Works

  • Help the organization to develop community involvement by interacting with volunteers
  • Work with the board to develop the 2018-2019 program for delivering ARTworks educational outreach. Identify sites and arrange and schedule programs
  • Serve with the board and volunteers to develop ways the new arts space can serve the community
  • Work with organizational teams and volunteers in planning and implementing 2018-19 upcoming events
  • Develop a resource that identifies outreach programs offered by nearby universities and museums, including programs offered, cost, and contact information that would bring services to our region of service
  • Maintain the organization’s local arts calendar. This will involve learning how to reach out to area arts organizations to add their events. Also contacting arts organizations to share how they can submit to the arts calendar. Enter all Bureau County arts events on the calendar
  • Compose and email one newsletter per month using current service
  • Attend committee meetings of the Silo Pathways Legacy Project to assist in a regional plan to increase the installation of public art. Serve as a communication facilitator for this group during the term of the internship. (Email, document share, scheduling)
  • Work on projects that advance the regional arts agenda including public art, meetings and convening, art shows and classes
  • Advance organization outreach and volunteer tracking and development by learning how to use the functions of the organization’s CRM software


Prophetstown Elementary PreK-3

  • Work with students one-on-one in grades k-3
  • Work in smaller group sizes with most at risk students
  • Majority of instruction time will take place in the morning or early afternoon
  • Work one-on-one in areas of mathematics and language
  • Participate in Guided Reading Program working with small groups to provide support to students
  • Provide classroom support to students who need review under the direction of the classroom teacher.