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2011-12 Baseball Schedule

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09-03-2011at HighlandNoonHighland
09-10-2011at Southeastern CC1:00 p.m.Southeastern
09-18-2011at HighlandNoonHighland
09-24-2011at IVCCNoonIVCC
10-14-2011IVCC2:00 p.m. Home
03-04-2012at Hagerstown CC3:00 p.m.Vero Beach, FLL 14-2
03-04-2012at Clark State College9:00 a.m. Vero Beach, FLL 5-3
03-05-2012at Rochester College JV3:00 p.m.Vero Beach, FLL 9-3
03-05-2012at Penn State Beaver12:00 p.m.Vero Beach, FLL 14-5
03-06-2012at Penn State Beaver4:00 p.m. Vero Beach, FLL 11-4
03-06-2012at Pariotes, Quebec12:00 p.m.Vero Beach, FLW 14-5
03-07-2012at Westminster College JV3:30 p.m.Vero Beach, FLW 5-4
03-07-2012at Alvernia College JV7:00 p.m.Vero Beach, FLL 12-1
03-08-2012at Penn State Fayette9:00 a.m. Vero Beach, FLW 14-0
03-08-2012at Penn State Allegheny12:00 p.m.Vero Beach, FLL 7-6
03-13-2012at Kankakee2:00 p.m.KankakeeL 14-0 L 12-6
03-18-2012at Lake CountyNoonGrayslakeW 11-8 L 14-4
03-20-2012at South Suburban2:00 p.m.South HollandL 15-3
03-24-2012Moraine ValleyNoonHomeL 4-0 L 7-5
03-27-2012at Prairie State2:00 p.m.Chicago HeightsL 5-4 L 9-4
03-31-2012at Black HawkNoonMolineL 7-2 L 5-1
04-01-2012WaubonseeNoonHomeW 7-1 W6-0
04-03-2012Black Hawk2:00 p.m.HomeL 4-3 L 18-11
04-07-2012Carl SandburgNoonHomeL 9-8 L10-3
04-10-2012at Carl Sandburg2:00 p.m.GalesburgW 9-6 W 8-4
04-12-2012Elgin 3:00 p.m.HomeL 8-3
04-14-2012Highland12:00 p.m.HomeW 8-0 W 4-2
04-17-2012at Highland2:00 p.m.FreeportW 10-2 L 8-5
04-21-2012KishwaukeeNoonHomeL 5-2 L 6-0
04-24-2012Kishwaukee2:00 p.m.HomeL 4-3 L 7-2
04-29-2012at McHenryNoonCrystal LakeL 9-8 L 12-1
05-02-2012IVCC2:00 p.m.Homepostponed(rain)
05-03-2012at IVCC2:00 p.m.OglesbyW 11-8 L 5-0
05-05-2012Prairie State1:00 p.m.HomeL 6-5
05-06-2012OaktonNoonHomeL 11-0 L 6-0
05-08-2012Highland3:00 p.m.HomeL 9-7
05-12-2012at RIV SectionalsTBATBA
05-13-2012at RIV SectionalsTBATBA
05-18-2012at RIV FinalsTBATBA
05-19-2012at RIV FinalsTBATBA
05-20-2012at RIV FinalsTBATBA
05-26-2012at NJCAA TournamentTBATBA