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2007-08 Skyhawk Player Profile - Rick Sanders

Photo of RickSanders
Sauk Major
Physical Education
High School
Rock Falls HS
When I have free time, I like to
Spend time with friends.
My favorite hobby is
Playing sports.
My favorite food is
Sub sandwiches.
I would describe myself as
The person I admire the most is
Lance Armstrong.
If I could spend one day with someone, it would be
Michael Jordan
The reason I love my sport is
It challenges you everyday, there's always something to learn.
My greatest athletic moment to date is
When I had a triple-double my freshmen year in h.s. against Sterling.
My favorite sports team is
My favorite athlete is
Ben Wallace
The best advice I have received
If you want it bad enough, you will achieve it.
Advice I would give
Only you can decide your outcome in any situation.
If a movie were made of my life, the actor that would play me would be
Adam Sandler
I would like to be remembered at Sauk for
My unselfishness.
I chose Sauk because
They gave me an opportunity to play.
After graduating, I plan to
Go to a four year college and finish my degree.