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2009-10 Men's Basketball Schedule

10-10-2009at ICCAC Juco JamboreeTBACedar Falls, IA
10-17-2009Sauk Valley JamboreeTBAHome
10-24-2009at Lakeland JamboreeTBAMattoon
10-30-2009Alumni ScrimmageTBAHome
11-06-2009Sauk Classic6:00/8:00 PMHomeResults
11-07-2009Sauk Classic5:30/7:30 PMHomeResults
11-10-2009Clinton7:30 PMHomeW 94-69
11-14-2009Oakton 7:00 PMHomeW 75-67
11-17-2009Madison Tech7:30 PMHomeW 75-65
11-21-2009at Malcolm X3:00 PMChicagoL 59-77
11-24-2009at South Suburban7:00 PMSouth HollandL 53-60
12-01-2009Waubonsee7:30 PMHomeW 67-61
12-04-2009at COD Tourney - DaleyTBAGlen EllynW 73-65
12-05-2009at COD Tourney - DuPageTBAGlen EllynW 73-70
12-11-2009at Highland Tournament vs Iowa Central1:00 p.m.FreeportResults
12-12-2009at Highland Tournament11:00 a.m./TBAFreeportResults
12-16-2009at Kennedy-King7:00 PMChicagoL 54-71
01-05-2010at Kishwaukee7:30 PMMaltaL 67-80
01-07-2010at Highlandrescheduled
01-09-2010IVCC7:00 PMHomeL 63-80
01-12-2010Highland7:30 PMHomeL 52-59
01-14-2010at Black Hawk East7:30 PMKewaneeW 71-66
01-16-2010Kankakee5:00 PMHomeL 58-82
01-19-2010Carl Sandburg7:30 PMHomeW 73-51
01-23-2010Kennedy-King7:00 PMHomeL 59-55
01-26-2010at Black Hawk7:30 PMMolineL 69-82
01-28-2010Kishwaukee7:30 PMHomeW 85-79
02-02-2010at Highland7:00 PMFreeportL 70-72 3OT
02-06-2010Malcolm X7:30 PMHomeL 47-53
02-09-2010Black Hawk EastrescheduledHome23-Feb
02-11-2010Carl Sandburg7:30 PMHomeW 76-59
02-16-2010at IVCC7:30 PMOglesbyL 62-67
02-18-2010Black Hawk7:30 PMHomeW 57-48
02-20-2010at Kankakee3:00 PMKankakeeL 41-53
02-23-2010Black Hawk East7:30 PMHomeW 77-69
02-27-2010at Regional Tourn vs Daley8:00 PMHighland, FreeportW 58-57/Schedule
03-04-2010at Regional Tourn vs Highland8:00 PMHighland, FreeportL 52-68
03-06-2010at Regional TournamentTBAHighland, Freeport
03-16-2010at NationalsTBAHutchison, KS