Go Skyhawks! - Fear the Feathers

2023-24 Women's Basketball Team Outlook

The 2023-2024 Sauk Valley Women’s Basketball team is excited to have the Sauk Valley’s best
talent and watch them mesh together into a highly competitive team which will be very fun to
The Skyhawks welcome 9 new players with one returner from last season. Kara Gaither is the
loan returner after joining the team during the season last year. The Skyhawks will look to her
for leadership, as well as guidance on what the Junior College basketball experience is like.
Newcomers from all area schools include, Harvest Day, Ella Govig and Abby Knipple (Dixon),
Olivia Gartin (Princeton), Quinc Haverland (Eastland), Hadley Lutz (Oregon), Tori Moshure (West
Carroll), Lindee Popper (Polo) and Shelby Veltrop (Morrison).
The bigs will include some “huge” talent in Quinc Haverland, Lindee Popper and Shelby Veltrop.
The trio will bring an incredible ability to block shots, rebound and score in the post. Their
abilities together should make for some exciting post presence for our team and could cause
havoc on the defensive end not only blocking shots, but limiting the opponent’s chances by
their uncanny rebounding ability.
The wings will “shine” with their athleticism. Harvest Day, Olivia Gartin and Ella Govig are
players that will cause all kinds of headaches for opposing teams. If you guard them with a
post, they will swing to the perimeter and make shots, as well as drive on the bigger player. If
you guard them with a smaller player, they will take them into the post and punish them with
their inside game. The three of them will be a tough guard for any team we play. They also
bring with them an incredible work ethic and most importantly an intense competitive spirit
that will make a huge impact on our program.
The guards will play at a “blistering” pace and will allow our team to play to the best of our
abilities. Kara Gaither, Abby Knipple, Hadley Lutz and Tori Moshure all play at a pace that is fun
to watch and will make our team tough to defend. All of them also have terrific shots that will
spread the floor to allow our other players room to work their magic. The havoc they can cause
on the defensive end should make our team a top defensive team as well.
The 2023-2024 season has all the pieces to make this a special season. Although we are
incredibly young, we have some very talented athletes. We have 5 1st team all-conference
players, 9 all area players and 5 Sauk Scholars on top of the basketball accolades. We are
excited to watch them perform on the court “TOGETHER” and we can hardly wait to see how
they perform in the classroom as well!