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2007-08 Skyhawk Player Profile - Kelsey Hall

Photo of KelseyHall
Sauk Major
Sports Medicine
High School
When I have free time, I like to
Watch movies, read or sleep.
My favorite hobby is
Hanging out with my dad.
My favorite food is
I would describe myself as
Kind, compassionate and driven.
The person I admire the most is
Lance Armstrong.
The reason I love my sport is
It is a team sport as well as somewhat of an individual sport at the same time.
My greatest athletic moment to date is
Hitting a 3 at the buzzer at half time to take the lead over Newman in the Sauk Valley Bank shootout.
My favorite sports team is
My favorite athlete is
J.J. Reddick
The best advice I have received
Don't let good enough be good enough.
Advice I would give
Always be your own person.
If a movie were made of my life, the actor that would play me would be
Rachel McAdams
I would like to be remembered at Sauk for
My hardwork and dedication.
I chose Sauk because
I wasn't ready to be done playing basketball.
After graduating, I plan to
Transfer to a four year university.