Go Skyhawks! - Fear the Feathers

Beloit College Olde English Invitational Results

The Skyhawks headed to Beloit, Wisconsin, for the Olde English Invitational for a meet against NCAA Division III schools at Leeson Park on Saturday. The course is usually a European style race with stream crossings and jumping over hay bales, but with all the rain and the high creek, they had to make changes to the course. The women ran a 6k and the men ran an 8k. 

On the women's side, Haley Weidner finished 2nd overall with a time of 25:37 behind winner Frances Knaggs of Beloit College (24:14). She was followed by Nataleigh Nugent in 4th place (27:06); Xheneta Beqiri in 5th place (27:29); and Kelynn Boyle in 11th place (28:58). Top 15 performers received shirts as awards. 

On the men's side, Dylan Pavlak was the top performer on the men's side in 13th place with a time of 30:22. He was followed by Dillion Forbeck in 18th place (30:44); Ruben Leal in 22nd place (33:25); and Cameron Gonzalez in 26th place (34:02). All four men also received shirts for top 15 performers in the college division.

IMG_5386.jpg Haley Weidner

IMG_2264.jpg Front runner: Dylan Pavlak, Second runner: Dillion Forbeck