Sauk Makes it Possible — You Make it Happen

2014-15 Profile: Josh Green

Sauk Major
High School
Rock Falls
When I have free time, I like to
Run, watch movies
My favorite hobby is
watching movies
My favorite food is
chicken squares
The person I admire the most is
If I could spend one day with someone, it would be
God because I would want to see how He goes about the world
The reason I love my sport is
it is relaxing and lets me get into my own zone
My greatest athletic moment to date is
Going to high school State with my cross country team
My favorite sports team is
Pittsburgh Steelers
My favorite athlete is
Kobe Bryant
The best advice I have received
Live day by day
Advice I would give
Always enoythe moment
If a movie were made of my life, the actor that would play me would be
Daniel Craig
I would like to be remembered at Sauk for
Being a good leader
I chose Sauk because
It's cheap and I like the people here