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10-25-2008 - Region IV Championship


The Region IV Cross-Country Meet was held at Sauk Valley Community College Saturday, October 25th. Three women and two men qualified for the National Junior College Meet to be held in Spartanburg, South Carolina, on Saturday, November 8.

Qualifying for Sauk:

  • Kerstyn Richard (Rock Falls)
  • Abby Wheeler (Dixon)
  • Marissa Hacker (Rock Falls)
  • Chris Ratliff (Rock Falls)
  • Drew Rowe (Sterling)

Women's Results:

Division I (Individual)

Cintron, Valerie Waubonsee 20:07
Hanson, Jessica Carl Sandburg 20:22
Richard, Kerstyn Sauk 20:33
Wheeler, Rebecca Waubonsee 20:57
Marquez, Jerrica Morton College 21:09
Burke, Lauren Moraine Valley 21:23
Wheeler, Abby Sauk 21:27
Cebulko, Heather Elgin 21:29
Melvin, Morgan Carl Sandburg 21:46
Merker, Sara Waubonsee 22:00
Cinto, Erin Waubonsee 22:02
Lackowski, Rebecca Elgin 22:03
Gelezauskas, Monica Moraine Valley 22:25
Hacker, Marissa Sauk 22:40
Ostrowski, Kristina Elgin 22:52

Division I (Team)

  1. Waubonsee Community College
  2. Carl Sandburg College
  3. Elgin Community College
  4. Moraine Valley
  5. Prairie State College

Division III (Individual)

Valladares, Irene Harper College 20:13
Klosak, Lauren Joliet Jr. College 21:49
Banasik, Maggie Harper College 23:40
Lorenc, Elisse Harper College 23:59
Rodriquez, Gertrudis Joliet Jr. College 24:42

Men's Results:

Division I (Individual)

Parra, Yonathan Waubonsee 28:03
Valadez, Daniel Waubonsee 28:36
Klein, Jared Waubonsee 28:37
Abramsen, Kyle Moraine Valley 28:44
Seif, Levi Waubonsee 28:48
Perez, Angel Morton 28:57
Agafonov, Alex Oakton 28:58
Ratliff, Chris Sauk 29:08
Rowe, Drew Sauk 29:16
Valadez, Luis Waubonsee 29:22
Horner, Devin Prairie State 29:23
Yeager, Zach Carl Sandburg 29:29
Burke, Keith Prairie State 29:46
Ramirez, Adrian Morton 30:01
Sewell, Wes Moraine Valley 30:07

Division I (Team)

  1. Waubonsee Community College
  2. Moraine Valley
  3. Morton College
  4. Sauk Valley Community College
  5. Prairie State College
  6. Carl Sandburg College
  7. College of Lake County

Division III (Individual)

Jones, Justin College of DuPage 28:17
Hoffman, Chris Harper College 28:32
Patel, Sagar Harper College 28:44
Daziel, Jack College of DuPage 29:26
D'Ambrogio, Alan College of DuPage 29:57
Bruno, Mike Harper College 30:57
Perry, Ryan College of DuPage 31:01
Perez, Josh Harper College 31:07
Hernandez, Dan Harper College 31:20
Bores, Rodolfo Joliet Jr. College 31:21
Cirillo, Alex Harper College 31:27.20
Andorff, Matt Joliet Jr. College 31:27.50
Mrozak, Steve College of DuPage 35:07
Arata, Greg College of DuPage 37:25
Thomas Steven Joliet Jr. College 37:36

Division III (Team)

  1. Harper College
  2. College of DuPage
at Region IV Championship
Sauk Campus <br/> Dixon, IL