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9-19-2009 - North Park University


Sauk men and women competed at the Ted Hedstrand Invitational hosted by North Park University on Saturday, September 19that the Montrose Harbor in Chicago.

The Sauk women finished in the top three. Coming in first was Victoria Castaneda with a time of 20:32.07. Abby Wheeler 22:05.59 finished second and Brooke Smith 22:06.42 third.

Women's Results
Victoria Castaneda - 1st place, 20:32.07
Abby Wheeler - 2nd place, 22:05.59
Brooke Smith - 3rd place, 22:06.42
Breanne Hunter - 25:15.66
Kerstyn Richard - 25:42.77
Jessica Sergeant - 28:28.63

Men's Result's
Nick Belmont -29:14.63
Eric Dewey - 30:42.71
Nathan Castillo - 31:35.28
Grant Killinger - 32:34.59
Kyle Wyckstandt - 32:45.07
Ryan McKanna - 33:30.93
Jacob Bumphrey - 34:04.61

The Skyhawks travel to the Augustana Invite on Friday, September 25th at Credit Island, Davenport, Iowa.

10:00 am (women) <br/> 11:00 am (men)
at North Park University
Montrose Harbor Beach <br/> Chicago, IL