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10-17-2009 - Sauk Valley


The Sauk Valley Skyhawk Invite had four women's teams and eight men's team compete on Saturday. Victoria Castaneda of Sauk Valley took individual honors for the women and Jared Klein of Waubonsee for the men.

Sauk Women's Results

Victoria Castaneda 19:29.87

Brooke Smith 21:13.55

Abby Wheeler 21:28.92

Kerstyn Richard 22:52.35

Breanne Hunter 25:08.92

Stephanie Hernandez 25:57.95

Jessica Sergeant 28:37.53

Sauk Men'sResults

Nick Belmont 29:22.06

Eric Dewey 31:19.71

Nathan Castillo 32:02.15

Kyle Wyskstandt 32:11.91

Jacob Bumphrey 33:05.90

Ryan McKenna 33:07.40

Grant Killinger 34:56.73


Women's Individual

Victoria Castaneda 19:29.87 Sauk Valley

Kayla Christ 20:09.27 ICC

Alyssa Imig 20:16.21 ICC

Brittany Carius 20.16.78 ICC

Michelle Carter 20:33.33 ICC

Raven Pettry 20:35.34 ICC

Bonni Martin 21:09.16 ICC

Oliviva Coker 21.11.45 ICC

Brooke Smith 21:13.55 Sauk Valley

Abby Wheeler 21:28.92 Sauk Valley

Women's Team

1 st Place ICC

2 nd Place SaukValley

3 rd Place Harper

4 th Place Joliet

Men's Individual

Jared Klein 28:08.54 Waubonsee

Jesus Escareno 28:15.43 Harper

Drew Schmitt 28:16.40 Waubonsee

Jaquaileon Smith 28:24.20 ICC

Chris Higgins 28:51.70 Waubonsee

Shane Lieby 28:53.89 ICC

Evan Ehrhardt 28:56.43 Waubonsee

Ben Flavin 29:08.54 Harper College

Greg Adelman 29:14.04 Waubonsee

Cory Shoopman 29:17.22 ICC

Men's Team

1 st Place Waubonsee

2 nd Place ICC

3 rd Place Harper

4 th Place Sauk Valley

5 th Place College of Lake County

6 th Place CarlSandburg

7 th Place Prairie State

8 th Place Joliet Junior College

Sauk Valley will now compete at the St Ambrose Invite on Saturday,October 24 held at Crow Creek Park in Bettendorf, Iowa.

10:30 am (women) <br/> 11:15 am (men)
at Sauk Valley
Sauk Campus <br/> Dixon, IL