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Upcoming Skyhawks Games

Upcoming Games

Below you will find upcoming games for the next 30 days for all Skyhawk sports. You can find full schedules under each sport.

Volleyball09-19-2017Highland6 PMHome
Tennis Women09-20-2017Oakton2:45 p.m.Home
Golf09-22-2017at Illinois Valley Classic12:00 pmAway
Crosscountry09-23-2017at Beloit College11:00 a.m.Away
Crosscountry09-23-2017at Beloit College12:00 a.m.Away
Softball09-23-2017at St. Francis1:00pm & 3:00pmAway
Tennis Women09-23-2017at Moraine11:00 p.m.Away
Golf09-23-2017at Illinois Valley Classic8:30 amAway
Softball09-24-2017at Madison12:00pm & 2:00pmAway
Volleyball09-26-2017Kishwaukee6 PMHome
Volleyball09-28-2017at Carl Sandburg6 PMAway
Golf09-29-2017at Region IV Classic12:00 pmAway
Crosscountry09-30-2017at Open
Tennis Women09-30-2017at McHenry11:00 p.m.Away
Tennis Women10-02-2017at Waubonsee3:45 p.m.Away
Volleyball10-03-2017Illinois Valley6 PMHome
Volleyball10-04-2017Kankakee6 PMHome
Golf10-05-2017at Region IV Classic (1st & 10th tee)11:00 amAway
Golf10-06-2017at Region IV Classic (1st & 10th tee)10:00 amAway
Volleyball10-06-2017at Lincoln Land InviteTBDAway
Crosscountry10-07-2017at St. Ambrose University10:30 a.m.Away
Crosscountry10-07-2017at St. Ambrose University11:15 a.m.Away
Golf10-07-2017at Region IV Classic (1st & 10th tee)10:00 amAway
Basketball Men10-09-2017at LincolnTBDAway
Basketball Men10-10-2017Sauk Jamboree12:00pm & 2:00pmHome
Volleyball10-11-2017Black Hawk6 PMHome
Volleyball10-12-2017at Waubonsee6 PMAway
Tennis Women10-13-2017at College of Dupage - Regionals9:00 a.m.Away
Crosscountry10-14-2017Skyhawk Invitational10:30 a.m.Home
Crosscountry10-14-2017Skyhawk Invitational11:15 a.m.Home
Volleyball10-14-2017at Illinois CentralTBAAway
Volleyball10-17-2017at Highland6 PMAway