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4-2-2011 - Kishwaukee

L 4-5, W 7-1

Saturday the Skyhawks played at Kishwaukee with a tight 4-5 loss. Jacie Young held the mound for the full 7 innings with 7 k's 3 bb's and gave up 4 hits giving Kishwaukee 5 earned runs. Hannah Schmidt had a triple, Kaitlyn Kenady had 2 rbi's, Sophia Aponte and Shaylyn Wescott also added 1 rbi each.

Game 2 at Kishwaukee was a complete turnaround. The Skyhawks came on strong with a 7-1 win. Taylor Byrd had 10 k's, 2 bb's, and gave up 6 hits. Offensively, Hannah Schmidt and Kelsey Kleveland each had 3 hits including a triple from Schmidt and a double from Klevland. Ashlen Folkers, Sophia Aponte, Kelsey Kleveland, Kaitlyn Kenady, Jacie Young and Jessica Kohler each had an RBI for the Skyhawks.

1:00 p.m.
at Kishwaukee
L 4-5, W 7-1