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4-3-2011 - Black Hawk

W 2-0, W 3-0

Sunday they turned around to face Blackhawk on their home field. The game was a quick one, back and forth. Young didn't give up a hit until the top of the 7th. She had 1k, no BB or ER. Kelsey Kleveland had a triple, Reka Sedivy and Kerrie Tenboer each had an RBI. The Skyhawks had the 2-0 win.

Game 2 was another shut out this time for Taylor Byrd. Her 7 innings and 6 k's with no BB's and a single hit in the 5th was a killer for the 3-0 win for the Skyhawks. Shaylyn Wescott, Jacie Young and Sophia Aponte each had a double.

1:00 p.m.
Black Hawk
W 2-0, W 3-0