Go Skyhawks! - Fear the Feathers


Here are the results of the Men's Region 4 Tennis Regionals that we had April 28 and 29 at Moraine Valley. My number 1 doubles Jmes Rhodes and Dawson Newendyke  won their first play in round against Elgin 6-0 6-0 who they lost to in regular season in third set tie breaker then they lost to the team from Prairie state who were the doubles 1 champions. 2 doubles Craig Jamieson and Petia Dogale my basketball players won first round against MATC 6-2 6-3 then lost to the 2 doubles champs from Prairie State. 3 doubles Jacob Gaither and Jonah Lauff my basket players lost first round to McHenry 6-1 6-1. In 1 singles Dawson Newendyke won play in round against Egin 6-2 6-1 then lost to The 1 singles Champ Billy Freidman from CLC. 2 singles James Rhodes lost the play in match to Oakton 6-1 6-1. 3 singles Craig Jamieson lost to McHenry 6-1 6-1. 4 singles Jacob Gaither lost in first round to the champ from Prairie state 6-0 6-0. 5 singles Jonah Lauff lost in first round to the Champ from Prairie state 6-0 6-0. 6th singles Petia Dogale the champ from CLC  also 6-0 6-0. We had to play all champions first round but did an awesome job. If there was an award for team sportsmanship my team Sauk would win it. I had 5 basketball players that came to play for me and between Dawson and James and myself they learned how to play. Lots of team players and coaches complimented our team on their  sportsmanship. I am a very proud coach and appreciate the efforts from all the players this year on the team. 
at Regionals
Moraine Valley