Sauk Makes it Possible — You Make it Happen

Lupita Serrano

Sauk Major
PreMed Pharmacy
High School
When I have free time, I like to
Sleep, hang with friends, be with my mom's side of the family (cousins)
My favorite hobby is
Tennis, Painting
My favorite food is
Chicken Wrap
I would describe myself as
Talkative, dedicated
The person I admire the most is
If I could spend one day with someone, it would be
a famous person
The reason I love my sport is
a lot of fun; relaxing. Get to meet awesome people
My greatest athletic moment to date is
Wining first place at the KSB tennis classic with Haley Kent
My favorite sports team is
I don't watch sports
The best advice I have received
Do what you love no matter what everyone else thinks; make people proud
Advice I would give
have fun! enjoy your college career and make a lot of friends, but work hard.
If a movie were made of my life, the actor that would play me would be
Jennifer Lawrence
I would like to be remembered at Sauk for
Being hard working and successfull
I chose Sauk because
i wanted to stay close to home. Make sure I like my major
After graduating, I plan to
Attend University of Chicago, complete pharm. degree/career, then work at KSB