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2008-09 Volleyball Roster

NameNoYrPosHigh School
Angela Dunn12FrOHOhio
Lindsey Hall1FrDSSterling
Ashley Hammelman34FrOH/SSterling
Merrissa Johnson2FrMHRock Falls
Katie Johnson13SoMHSterling
JoEllen Johnson8FrDSOhio
Kaitlyn Kielsmeier9FrSFaith Christian
Joanna Lawrence7SoOHAFC
Heather McCue4SoDS/OH/LRock Falls
Elyce Naylon20FrOHPolo
Taylor Ortgiesen11SoOH/DSFaith Christian
Glorimar Prieto33SoDS/LSt.Trinity
Elysia Tiegs6SoMHHuron Park